I woke up that Saturday morning with a phone call from an anonymous number...

Me: Emm... hello?
Caller: Hello.. Lydia, Farid nie. Sorry my phone takde credit. Hey, apa nie anak dara bangun lambat?
Me: Urgh..!

So I jumped out of the bed, brushed my teeth and getting ready to follow my family for breakfast. Having nasi lemak at the stall nearby my house... a phone call once again broke my peace.

Caller: Hey Lydia... Farid nie, urm... u ada camcoder tak?
Me: La... apasal tak cakap awal-awal?
Caller: Nak mintak your favour to buy tape for my camcoder.
Me: Err.. owhkay.

After breakky, went back... showered, make up and off I go.... to Subang Parade. Reached there at 10am and nothing much stores open. So I decided to hv a quick wash and blow while waiting for the camera store to open.

10.50am... I sped from Subang to Sungai Besi on gear number 5.

Reached there 11-ish and made a scene since I crashed my car's front bumper to a root of a tree. After parked, I open the door and Farid ran to get the tape. Phew, I guess I came at the nick of time. Yeay!

I have to say the rombongan from pihak lelaki sooooooooo ramai and it was done quite traditionally and pretty lavish. At least I gotta see besides the modernity in Malay culture these days there are some who are still practice the old tradition, which I think what makes a certain ceremony more special and unique. I love it.

And Kak Fatin was dropped dead gorgeous! I always thought she's pretty but seriously, she's so gorgeous that day. If on engagement day she already this beautiful, can imagine how would she look like during the wedding ceremony?

The engagement ceremony were past gracefully without hiccups (I think). Admiring at the mini pelamin and also their 'grey/silver' theme. Very nice indeed. Seriously, I got the first glance on how would I expect my engagement ceremony will be like as being the eldest in the family. =.=" Which brings to so many butterflies in my tummy.

And I had tremendous amount of fun! Knowing Myra and Jojo on that day is like knowing them for my whole life. Who could predict 15 mins we knew each other we already cracking jokes like knowing each other for 15 years! Bunch of good people.
I had a good day yesterday. Hanging around with Farid's family and friends were so splendid. Proves that good company could provide good hospitality regardless where ever we are.

Congratz to Kak Fatin and Abg Mubarak!

Monday, 1st June 2009
Its the first day of the week... and I already felt pretty crappy that morning. I couldn't sleep the whole night and my heart was pounding insanely. Most probably because I was so tired the day before as I drove my father back to hometown and also back to Shah Alam. Twas restless that night, imagining myself like a living time bomb whereby I'll look to my alarm clock every one minute.

The morning, getting ready for work.. I still hv a split guilt whether to MC or to go to work. Semi-zombieness I drove myself to work... but when I reached the junction, I've decided to take the clinic junction as my head was at the top of cuckooness that morning. Called my TL, waited for one hour at the clinic and voila... I got my medical cert. Btw, doc's prescribed me sedative to overcome my anxiety attack.

Got back, decided to chill at the living room till i fell asleep for one hour and I'm up again. This time attempted watch ANGELS AND DEMONS in Pyramid. Reached there, the queue was so effing long and I changed my mind to window shopping instead. Gun metal Parker rules!

After that I joined my father and sister for lunch. After short luncheon I decided to do some bank errands. And omg, I did something very unexpected thing in Sentul that day. Haha!

Tuesday, 2nd June 2009
My morning was ok, though as the matter of fact I still feel like staying in bed that morning. Most prob still hangover from the sedative I took last night.

Went to office that day as per usual. Bump into my bf at the elevator as I'm going for lunch, so we decided to hv lunch together. When we went down to the working floor, suddenly he planted a mini kiss (in the elavator, u can judge there's no one there except for both of us) and I got freaked out 'are u crazy? what if there's CCTV in here?! omg!'

And again my nerve had been stirred after getting a msg from Ex#2 saying he misses me and wants to meet me that night. I fwd the msg to my bf and he can only smile. He's like the most understanding bf I ever had so far!

So I went out with Ex#2, we had dinner somewhere in Damansara. And yes, he wish for the reinstatement. But seriously, even if I'm not seeing anyone at the moment I still will not accept him back. But the funniest thing, over the meeting my bf sent me messages to check on me. Check out one of his message:

'Are u still with that donkey?'

I was laughing out load the moment I received it. Came home at 11 and my bf called and I got scolded not because I went out with my ex, but because I told my parents I'm going out with my ex-school mate. Well, he is still my ex-schoolmate though.

Wednesday, 3rd June 2009
Its like the busiest day ever! And surprise surprise I get called to our manager room that afternoon. My heart was pounding like hell again, restlessly... perhaps I get caught with the elevator thingy. Dug dug... dug dug... dug dug... and I pass my ORT! Omg, thats a fucking relief! And nothing on the elevator scene. wakakakakah.

Thursday, 4th June 2009
Supposely I hv a date with my bf... and it got canceled again... for the 6213546513 times. The thing is like this.. when he's free, I'm not; when I'm free, he's not. Get wat I mean? Hopefully our schedule will be more ideal after this, once he already move to his new office. Unless he's too busy snogging new girl at his new place, then I'll definitely will file for a divorce!

Oh yea, and finally I able to lunch with Haniff n Dayah! Omg, its been awhile ay?

Friday, 5th June 2009
Busiest day for me... i got too much follow up cases to do that day till I feel like wanna puke! And my head was cracking real hard. I was surprised my bf decided to change cubicle nearer to mine that day, most probably its among his final days at the office. One thing not good about he moved cubicle nearer to mine... he often disturb me and merepek... and I abit pantang if my head is messy and at the same time ppl disturb me with crappy things. I went home with a messy emotions.

Saturday, 6th June 2009
Breakfast at Tanglin was such a bliss! Bliss for the tummy, bliss to my soul and bliss for the day! After breakkie, we went to our old place at Hillpark whereby the last tenant had just moved out. The house was so messy like hell. Brought along Ivy (and his hubby is hot hot) to list things to repair n replace.

After that sent my father for dialysis, and just lepak at Subang Parade. As my sister's quote... ' Remember you told me u gonna stop shopping this month... yea, I thought so. I knew u cant..' after seeing me stash the shopping bags. hahah

Today is the day Brian and Nana get married. Congratz to both of them! Gosh, I remember I met Brian at Hitz Birthday Bash few years ago, it was nice and one of the event I could not forget. It was super fun.

I dig some pictures from the internet that evening just to catch a glimpse at their ceremony. Its so pretty!

And that night I slept at 2am just to prepare things for Grilled Party at my grandmom's house the next day. The chicken is so freaking yummy! And the Potato Boat too. Yeay me!

Sunday, 7th June 2009
I woke up late that day since I slept pretty late the day before. At 12pm we set the gear to my grandmom's house in Klang. It was freaking awesome! Yea, if more ppl involve will be much more great... but I guess the one we hv that day was all ok. We had Fish, Chicken, Beef, Calamari, Mushrooms, Fried Rice, Clam Chowder, Breads, Puddings, Lai Chi Kang, Fresh Fruits and... good Lord think I left few more things here, but what am I saying is.. we had too much food that day.

As per usual Omar will be the centre of attraction for the family. He's so freaking cute. At 6 months he's wearing 2 year old toddler attire. He's huge and adorable!

On my way back home my Ex#1 texted me saying he wants to meet me and he's in Bangi at the moment. Omg, dejavu again! Remember end of last year I had a tragedy whereby Ex#1 and Ex#2 find me at the same day? Only this time its happening agan, but on the same week. And I freaked out again.

So that night I met Ex#1, decided to go for a drink near my house. And yes, I told my other significant bout the meeting and he was laughing out loud coz this thing had happened twice and both at the same time frame. It was a short meeting though, due he was bored at his hotel in Bangi. Great to know he found a gf now, relief the same time. It was all good that night though twas short meeting.

Later that night my bf called, and we still hv issues to go for movie the next day. Aiyaiyai... =.="