-adapted from Cosmopolitan June 2007 which I took from a clinic I went recently-

1. Movies Any kind of lock can be picked with a credit card or hairgrip.
Reality Ha! Just try it on your front door next time you lose your handbag during a night out.

2. Movies First-time sex is slow, sensuous and completely magical.
Reality First-time sex is drunken, a little bit bumpy and often not that good, really.

3. Movies Men's shirts get wet and have to be removed in women's home.
Reality We live in one of the wettest countries in the world, yet this never happens.

4. Movies Your boss is a smooth-talking lady-killer.
Reality He's more Hugh Hefner than Hugh Grant. Heh.

5. Movies You can work in a city, yet live in a thatched cottage (like Kate Winslet in The Holiday)
Reality Our homes look more like something from the set of Shameless (unless if u hv a maid, then there's a possibility to be otherwise).

6. Movies Convertible cars are glamourous.
Reality They make you look like you've been caught in an industrial wind tunnel.

7. Movies The hot bartender has time to give love-life advice while flipping bottles in the air.
Reality Our not-hot bartender ignores us for ages, then barely grunts as he serves us.

8. Movies Men make women reach orgasm with the use of a single flower (40 Days And 40 Nights)
Reality If the flower vibrated, then maybe.... (hahaha..!!!)

9. Movies You bump into a record-label tycoon while singing to yourself on a train.
Reality You bump into a guy on a train who has yet to discover deodorant.

10.Movies Your misjudge that sexy, yet arrogant guy. He reveals he's suffered a tragic loss and becomes your dream man.
Reality You were right. He's a moron.

Have u ever went out for a dinner with your parents and end up regretting it?

Yes, this is one of those night.

So my mom screamed on to my sick face this morning. I thought following them for dinner will a bit subside my aching aching aching heart today and brings us all back to a good term.

I was wrong, so wrong! I shud have follow my guts to stay at home and watch You've Got Mail on Cinemax, but my sadistic mind thought 'why dont I do a nobel thing and follow them for dinner so everything will be fine'. One of my nobel thoughts that turned out to be freaking unwise decision that I ever made.

I am 23 years old (24 in 4 mths time), but for heaven sake please stop being obsess with my life! Go find other kids to be obsess with, will you?

Omg, I feel so wanna move out from this house, seriously. Its driving me fucking crazy.

It shimmers in the dark, yet this one's not a trophy,
It's worth so much more, there's no glorious flaw,
It's the best that I've ever seen.
Lovers cannot lie, when it gets you feeling alive ,
Brings your colour out, spreading word about,
That I'll kill before I try.

So please hand me my cover and my soul,
I'll throw away every piece I own.

'Cause I believe if you need me to,
I'll risk my neck, I'll go down with you.
There's no line to what I would do,
Can I be your life 'cause I need you.

A moving spectacle and in the beauty of it all,
It's so much to pull that they made no law,
It's just what the world has been waiting for.
Somewhere down the line, more spirit than in mind,
We'll carry on, forever gone 'cause we left everything behind.

So please hand me my cover and my soul,
I'll throw away every piece I own.

'Cause I believe if you need me to,
I'll risk my neck, I'll go down with you.
There's no line to what I would do,
Can I be your life 'cause I need you.

I believe if you need me to,
I'll risk my neck, I'll go down with you.

So please hand me my cover and my soul,
I'll throw away every piece I own.

I believe if you need me to,
I'll risk my neck I'll go down with you.
There's no line to what I would do,
Can I be your life 'cause I need you.
Can I be your life?
Can I be your life 'cause I need you.

I was happy to have the reunion meet up at The Gardens yesterday. Its like we grew, but not that much. Have I told u how I love reunions?

During my reunion party I received an sms from EX#2 wanted to mee up. So I agreed to have the short meet up... and guess what... he spill his heart out on wanting to take me seriously. Its felt like been pulled into the quick sand. To be honest, I have no feelings towards him. The feelings died when he misused me back then.

Dave been quite busy these days, I hv not seen him much but we do keep in touch from time to time. Or maybe twice a day. Somehow I felt pretty guilty on meeting up EX#2 last night and I have yet to tell Dave about the meet up. To my surprise, an sms from Dave this morning really give a smack on my head...

My relationship is not like the rain that POURS and GOES.
It's more like the AIR, sometimes keeping QUIET and sometimes making noise,
but it ALWAYS there around u.
Good morning my Love :)

So... I had just thinking of getting a new boyfriend when the old one started to have some attitude problem, cracking up and having some disfunctinalities issue. Well, I thought of finding new one this January as I thought... new year, fresh start. But oh well, I couldnt stand on the tantrum on my boyfriend had put on these days. Thus, I requested to have some time away.

As I walked in PJ today, I saw a guy who kept starring at me. Omg omg omg... he's freaking gorgeous. He wore a black sleek attire with a sensuous smile. He's kinda tall and build. As I walked near him and he start saying 'hi'. So we just chat, he seems very smart though. I like having conversation with him. And, have I told u he's an expatriate? He said he's from Finland, cool! He's currently working with the telecommunication industry here in Malaysia. But one thing amazing about him, he seems so good with places around. He said he'd stayed here for quite some time now. Awesome!

So I guess I'm gonna spend much time with him from now on. Well... at least I'm having a good time having him around rather than keep screaming on top of my lungs on my previous one.





















Life is much easier if we're still kids.

As my age turn to 23 these days, I came across to adult issues that pertaining commitments, love, life, money, sex?, etc. Its funny as I brain hv to grow along to make it synchronize with my age.

The same old question still lingers in my head: "How would you know he's THE ONE for you?"

I have asked the question once to Kak Fatin, a week after Farid blurted the news about her getting enggage and she said..."well... u just know" and left me in blank after that. The question is remain unanwered (or its already answered but I dont buy it).

I do

Few weeks ago I managed to participate in Kak Fatin's wedding to Mr.Mubarak. It was very nice, I was overwhelmed with how it went. Most probably it is because the first wedding that I attended as adult. Still, I feel like those were the days I used to follow Opah around to wedding ceremonies back in my younger days. It was fun! Despite the fact that my toes hurt due the new shoes (damn u new shoes!), the ceremony was lavish and beautiful. Kak Fatin looks gorgeous and how handsome Mr.Mubarak was. The whole day was blessed with happiness. Now the couple are on their way to produce progenies.

I dont

Living in the working life at the moment allow me to mingles with varieties traits of people, varieties of people means varieties of issues, varieties of issues means varieties of headache. Jennifer and Michael are happily married for 9 years now. They had been blessed with love and happiness, health and wealth. The turning point for the marriage when suddenly Michael starts having affair with Cheryl, a much younger woman. Very much for happy ending. The fairytales that they living in turns to a mighty nightmare. Jennifer felt betrayed, deceived. Michael treats her like a piece of doormat and only turn home to be feed or for sex. Now Jennifer is considering for a divorce.

I dont know

So... my bestfriend Ashley is getting engage in 2 weeks time. A vibration from my phone broke down the silent of my Monday morning where she texted me with "Lydia, I'd just found out Russel has a new affair". Why it didnt shocked me much, perhaps I heard about this thing way before the existance of telephone, thanks to Alexander Graham Bell. So, yesterday Ashley spills everything pertaining to Russel in my kitchen. He start seeing that girl when the day Ashley told Russel that she wanna a little time away. I was like "wtf? he seeing the girl 'that' soon?" and time has past like 2 months ago? The scenario is like, the man got into an arguement with the woman, the man go to the pub, and there he go... he scores a whore! Well, for the moment... since there's alot weird things happening between those two (have I told u Russel's mom and sister is not a big fan of Ashley?), Ashley is having a second thought of whether marrying Russel is the right thing.

So... how do u measure LOVE by the way? I am not prejudice on this matter... I am just blindly confuse.

Relevan tak kalo aku nak rasa tak berapa puas hati kalo bf aku terlupa nak call aku?

Aritu bila dia transfered dia JANJI nak call aku tiap2 malam.

Smalam dia lupa nak call aku.

Malam nie dia hampir lupa nak call aku... itu pon masa aku call dia, dia tgh bz nak get ready coz nak gi clubbing and dia kata nak call aku bila dia dalam kreta nnt. He end up call aku, conversation cuma 1 minit 30 saat je. Aku rasa sekadar cukup syarat je.

Relevan tak kalo rasa tak puas hati skarang nie???

Shit you! Aku rasa nak dispute!

So... this is my 2nd month on working in shift.

Do u know what is the weirdest thing to work in shifts?

Is the Transition.

Its been few weeks my schedule had been afternoon and evening shifts where i hv the previledge to wakes up late.

Today is the first morning shift for the past2-3 weeks, the cuckooness strikes the air and oh God its been 2 hours I'm in the office but I'm still one heck of sleepy!

I hv to adjust my biological clock back pronto! sigh...

I had 'that' talk with my mom again yesterday. My mom adviced not to fall on 'that' kind of man.

My life is like an odd ball. I dont know why these days this thing kept linger in my head. Its like the potential of my life will be either one:

  1. Aku jadi andartu
  2. I fail my marriage

Scary, somehow I dont fantasize on happy ever after ending. Perhaps the reality that lies around me is not so happy ending like what teenage girls always dream on. My mom had warned me about her bestie's life, Ita.

She have 4 kids, quite successful woman. But his husband does not work. So I asked why his husband is not working? Well.. previously his husband did work with some kind devoloper company, but after for quite some time... he decided to not to work anymore. And I've met this man before, his not old owhkay! So left Ita alone who hv to work on her own to maintain the life for her kids, her husband and his husband's family. Yes, the in-laws. Ita owned an apartment that is fully furnished but the husband insist to live with his family in BB. Then later the husband treats her shitty, perhaps he thought he's still great - forgotting that the homosapien who brings the food to the table is his wife - alone. After few years of feeling deceived and used, Ita thought enough is enough. Furthermore the husband always joke around on giving a talak. What the hell is wrong with that guy? Ita packed her bags and out of the house. She's now a free woman.

This is indeed scary. I need to find for a guy who I can feel secure, who willing to take care of me sincerely, who can be with me until my last breathed. Worlds these days proposed that its hard to get these kind of gentlemen with such exquisite qualities.

My mom said I must start to socialize from now on so I can find my 'missing' puzzle. Perhaps there is a guy somewhere in this world who is looking for me as well. Sigh... my mom always gives hilarious quotes these days.

I dont blog these days. Not because I dont have anything to babble about, good Lord I have a hell loads of things to yap on but all become an end when I come across to the normal significant habit of mine, MALAS.

This morning I had an appointment with Optimax. Oh... I forgot to tell you I had my eyes lasik-ed 24 days ago. It was the prime time to get a lasik since the last incident during my raya in kampong this year whereby my glasses snap on the raya morning which leads to almost one day of three quater blindness.

My opto said my eyes are very dry.

After my appointment with opto, I've decided to go to my grandmom's house and have lunch. Oh snap, it's just 9.30am... that Muslim Chinese restaurant not open at that hour! So I've decided to have breakky, in Shah Alam still. That will buy some time. After figuring out who will be my victim, so I thought... lets asked Ex#2 for breakky since he'd been smsing me last week to ajak lepak. Btw, Ex#2 is my 2nd ex bf - was my former schoolmate, was my former bestfriend's former bf, who cheated on me over my former roommate. It was a shitty 4 years for me over him, but maybe I am kind to let him be friends with me again this year.

Lepak in McD, bla bla bla.. catching up. And he said he missed me and he sorta hv an idea to get back together. I was like, wth? With all do respect, no. And judging from my quality, he's planning to send the rombongan meminang next year. ?!?!?!?!?!?!

Sorry babe, I have to reject you. Though I hv yet to found any candidate at the moment, but I rather not having the relationship with you... judging from the shitty experience I had with you previously. He confessed he done loads of stupid things previously, even I dont really like him he was having the idea of 'perhaps u can love me after the marriage? some ppl do that'. No.

So I sped to my grandmom's house, had a good day there lepak with my grandmom and playing with Baby Omar. Omg, he's a huge baby now... so mischievously adorable. With collides of anxiety from other issues in my life, later that evening I've decided to write Ex#2 an sms:

Dear *Ex#2*,
Sorry, I dont mean to reject you just now.
1. I realize u're not that serious.
2. I'm traumatize/phobia.
3. I dont feel secure.
4. I dont wanna end up hating you again.
Let your life stable first. If u really serious about this, who knows one day I might reconsider.
At that point, let your judgement base on your sanity, not your lust.

OMG! Kenapalah aku baik sangat?!


Little did you know ....... after reading THIS, you'll NEVER look at petai in the same way again!

Petai contains three natural sugars -sucrose, fructose and glucose. Combined with fiber, petai gives an instant, sustained and substantial boost of energy. Research has proved that just two servings of petai provide enough energy for a strenuous 90-minute wor kout. No wonder petai is the number one fruit with the world's leading athletes. But energy isn't the only way petai can help us keep fit. It can also help overcome or prevent a substantial number of illnesses and conditions, making it a must to add to our daily diet.

According to a recent survey undertaken by MIND among people suffering from depression, many felt much better after eating petai. This is because petai contain tryptophan, a type of protein that the body converts into serotonin, known to make you relax, improve your mood and generally make you feel happier.

PMS(premenstrual syndrome):
Forget the pills - eat petai. The vitamin B6 it contains regulates blood glucose levels, which can affect your mood.

Anaemi a:
High in iron, petai can stimulate the production of haemoglobin in the blood and so helps in cases of anaemia.

Blood Pressure:
This unique tropical fruit is extremely high in potassium yet low in salt, making it perfect to beat blood pressure. So much so, the
US Food and Drug Administration has just allowed the petai industry to make official claims for the fruit's ability to reduce the risk of blood pressure and stroke.

Brain Power :
200 students at a Twickenham (Middlesex) school were helped through their exams this year by eating petai at breakfast, break, and lunch in a bid to boost their brain power. Research has shown that the potassium-packed fruit can assist learning by making pupils more alert.

Constipatio n:
High in fiber, including petai in the diet can help restore normal bowel action, helping to overcome the problem without resorting to laxatives.

One of the quickest ways of curing a hangover is to make a petai milkshake, sweetened with honey. The petai calms the stomach and, with the help of the honey, builds up depleted blood sugar levels, while the milk soothes and re-hydrates your system.

Petai has a natural antacid effect in the body, so if you suffer from heartburn, try eating petai for soothing relief.

Morning Sickness :
Snacking on petai between meals helps to keep blood sugar levels up and avoid morning sickness.

Mosquito b ites :
Before reaching for the insect bite cream, try rubbing the affected area with the inside of the petai skin. Many people find it amazingly successful at reducing swelling and irritation.

Petai is high in B vitamins that help calm the nervous system.

Studies at the
Institute of Psychology in Austria found pressure at work leads to gorging on comfort food like chocolate and crisps. Looking at 5,000 hospital patients, researchers found the most obese were more likely to be in high-pressure jobs. The report c oncluded that, to avoid panic-induced food cravings, we need to control our blood sugar levels by snacking on high carbohydrate foods every two hours to keep levels steady.

Petai is used as the dietary food against intestinal disorders because of its soft texture and smoothness. It is the only raw fruit that can be eaten without distress in over-chronicler cases. It also neutralizes over-acidity and reduces irritation by coating the lining of the stomach.

Temperature control :
Many other cultures see petai as a "cooling" fruit that can lower both the physical and emotional temperature of expectant mothers. In hoiland, for example, pregnant women eat petai to ensure their baby is born with a cool temperature.

Seasonal Affecti ve Disorder (SAD) :
Petai can help SAD sufferers because they contain the natural mood enhancer, tryptophan.


Petai can also help people trying to give up smoking. The B6, B12 they contain, as well as the potassium and magnesium found in them, help the body recover from the effects of nicotine withdrawal.

Potassium is a vital mineral, which helps normalize the heartbeat, sends oxygen to the brain and regulates your body's water balance. When we are stressed, our metabolic rate rises, thereby reducing our potassium levels. These can be rebalanced with the help of a high-potassium petai snack.

According to research in "The New Engla nd Journal of Medicine, " eating petai as part of a regular diet can cut the risk of death by strokes by as much as 40%".

Those keen on natural alternatives swear that if you want to kill off a wart, take a piece of petai and place it on the wart. Carefully hold the petai in place with a plaster or surgical tape!

So, as you can see, petai really is a natural remedy for many ills. When you compare it to an apple, it has four times the protein, twice the carbohydrates, three times the phosphorus, five times the vitamin A and iron, and twice the other vitamins and minerals. It is also rich in potassium and is one of the best value foods around. So maybe its time to change that well-known phrase so that we say, "A Petai a day keeps the doctor away".

*copied from my aunt's forwarded email

Ok... I know, this is not a big thing. Yes, I know. But to me this is big!

Its been 5 years since the last time I heard from Maciek, my good friend from Poland. To be honest, I do not know what had happened to us. We just dont communicate. Have I did something wrong? Was he ignoring me? Though we've added each other in Facebook while ago... but we still didnt communicate. But I do communicate with his brother, Adam (who is so madly in love with his gf, Trish.. haha), from time to time. My friendship with Maciek were only in mute form, so silent without any slight sound.

Tonight, I do not know... somehow I caught Maciek online in Facebook. So, I thought.... why dont I say Hi. 5 years seems like 500 years, I am very pleased to chat with him again tonight. I missed those feelings of anticipation getting news from him, its funny. Those were the days when internet was pretty new a thing. We communicate like many many many times a day? I still have the letters that he wrote and those presents that he sent to me. And though we're basically halfway around the world, it felt like he's not that far away from me. (ok Lydia... u shall stop there)

Its good to know that he's in France now furthering his study. Its good to know he's back in his part time modelling job, only now in Paris. And it sucks to know he's not engaged anymore (even when he got engaged last Feb, he asked Adam to hush hush from me, which I do not know why). Oh well, all the best for him.

Yes Mak, I miss you too.


Over a week ago, I've attend one branch call from down south due to one customer. The branch officer is... err... lets call him Mr.G. During my conversation with him, its rather short but he seems pretty enthusiast talking with me (which I normally keep my conversation short with my clients or any branch officer).

So, few minutes after that I received a compliment memo from him. Decided to read and ignore because good Lords I have many else things to do that day. But later he complaint that I didnt reply, man... he's one kind.

Days after days I just replying his memos, only today I think he already cross the line. He called me thru my cell phone (which I did not pick up as was working that time). Many times I asked him where did he get my number, then he revealed he took it from the company database. He's sneaky old bastard. Pretty creepy ya know. Meaning by any branch could access to my database and to get my personal info? Where's the security on that?

It creeps me out the whole day somehow. So I decided to tell Dave that this particular guy stalking on me. He took it as a joke, alright. Dave got no problem understanding the fact that Mr.G is actually an Indian. He even laugh at it when I told him. But Dave seems to take things seriously when I told him that this Mr.G is 38 years old.

Dear God, may I know why OLD GUYS always attracted to me? And can I get other than Indian, Punjabi, and Pakistani kind of guy? And please ask this Mr.G to buzz off from my life, pretty please.

So.. a continuous of my psycho mental problem-depression series... its just a symptom of my pre-menstrual-syndrome or what people call it PMS. My mood swings like one kind, i felt very insecure, and I'm very gullible.

After work I've decided to make a little detour of my own... I went for a shopping spree and it was a hell loads of shopping. Most people will go to shopping complexes for shopping... but not me. My detour brought me to KLIA where I hunt for Paris Hilton's perfumes, Ralph Lauren Silver and Marc Jacob's Daisy EDP. I was very sure what i want owhkay. But to my disappointment, they dont sell Marc Jacob's there as they only sell it in the International Terminal (the last time I saw in LCCT). Meaning by... I must hv an international plane ticket to go in there. Sigh.. thus I just bought other than that. Yeay me, the sales girl gave me Paris Hilton's Bag and also sample from Versace.

My fuel tank almost empty, decided to put in some petrol near the airport and continue my journey back home. With accompany by Frank Sinatra serenading the clear night, it was rather a calm drive home. And, since I already in the area... last minutely I took the turn and sped to LCCT.

And there you are my Marc Jacob's Daisy EDP which has only 4 bottles left there. I believe their sale is more into EDP as compare to EDT (on my opinion, their EDP smell better n a bit diff then EDT!) and I have to give a credit to the sales person there. She's so sweet... and she let me brought back more and more samples. Kudos to the girl!

I drove home with a very happy mood, not long until my mom announce that I might need to use my credit card for my eye surgery this friday if she didnt get her annual leave. Oh no...! I'd just spent a fortune, and tomorrow I have to pay some... at least to let RM6200 sufficiently can be charge to my credit card.

I shop crazy, I pay crazy. I have a problem, I am shopaholic and I need to go for psychotherapy.

P.s: Ohyea, hv I told u I save like RM80 from the normal price of perfumes in the market (because I bought like what... 4?)... and my journey only cost me RM30? The parking and journey might be similar if I go to Pavilion or KLCC during peak hour, and minus the possibilities me getting attracted to other shops like clothes and miscellaneous.

Today is an official day of my frustration
Things happening as opposite from what I planned
From one to another
This is very irritating
Ever since I woke up this morning
Yet until this hour
It irritates me inside like a small pin which gradually killing me slowly

I feel like locking myself in my room
I feel like killing a man
I feel like smashing things
I feel like throwing my phone and let it crash to my wall

This is quite depressing

Welcome to my bipolar disorder.

Its that time of the year again! All pumped up and ready to celebrate on the month of Eid. I hereby would like to take this opportunity to wish everybody Selamat Hari Raya to all my friends and love ones. Realizing I'm not the kind of goody two shoes (kinda evil in a way somehow), I also would like to apologies on my wrong doings and my wrong choice of words thru out the years in this sacred month of forgiveness. To those who are traveling going back to home towns or perhaps just a skip away for vacations, wishing u peeps have a tremendous of good times, take care and drive safely.


I'd been looking forward to go out with Tida for quite some time ever since our last meet up in IKEA sometime ago. And I'd been dying to bring her for a Coffee Jelly Frap dose in Starbucks, at least while its stock last or otherwise I need to wait for the season again next year.

Coincidentally Tida announced she'd be coming back last Weekend, thus without any hesitation we expedite the plan of hanging out in Starbucks, and sadly... sushi have to wait for another round.

I've decided to fetch Tida from her place... I mean, its been awhile since the last time I set my foot in Taman Permata. I believe, ever since I moved to other school in 1996, I never ever come back to that neighborhood. Much change now, but funnily the houses are remain the same. While waiting for Tida, drove around in that neighborhood (and yeah, my exhaust been screaming thru the silent night) and pulled over infront of my old school. Yikes, memories flash back. That school rocks!!!

Fetch Tida, shoot to JJWM. We spent quite couple of minutes to window shopping and we saw an AMAZING shoes in Nose. Tida, I urge you to buy that shoes!

So here we go, 2 chics lepaking in Starbucks while sipping a grande Coffee Jelly Frap each.. Decided to play Jenga while rendering old stories and updates. I always love the idea of bunch of friends lepak at some sort of cafe or kopitiam playing board games. And there we are, regardless countless of people starring at us, with our countless of priceless expressions on our Jenga session.

I love that day, I had loads of fun! We should hang again the next time u're back in Malaysia! Err... I mean, KL!

Hollywood Undead - Pain

Now I can see your pain, I’m sorry
(good bye)
I cry so hard
Now I can see your pain, I’m Sorry
(good bye)
I cry tonight

The next of this youth
With their necks through this noose
Were told lies like it’s truth
And we suspect that it’s you
So you trap ‘em with the AK
It’s mother fuckin mayday
They swear I’m fuckin crazy
Ain’t nothing gonna save me
I’m breaking, I’m feeling
I’m naked, I’m kneeling
I’m shaking, I’m reeling
My god I keep bleeding

I watch the world die through crimson eyes
I cry, it turns to night
I die, I see the light
And now I’ll say goodbye


If I could take all this pain away
Use the rage of the youth today
Who’s to say that it’s you to blame?
It’s the people above you
The ones who say that they love you
Look what the world has come to
So now it’s time to say FUCK YOU
If you they care, then they drug you
And no ones there when they numb you
Fill will you terror and crush you
Pretend they care as they shove you
So you look to me to find the truth
And what I say is what you do
But everyone you look up to
Is really as fucked up as you
Time is getting shorter
With these enforced disorders
And we get blamed to pushed around
Whos the fuckin’ villain now?


We can’t stop now
We’re so close now
Cause these times are almost over
I won’t give up, so god save us
It feels like we’re getting closer
We can’t stop now
We’re so close now
Cause these times are almost over
I won’t give up, so god save us


So... I'd just came back from meeting a friend. He's a new friend, someone I'd just known bout 2 days ago. We're basically working in the same company, its just that he based in different location.

For the past 2 days he'd been calling me about 4-5 times a day and he sounded pretty eager to know me though I did told him I'm currently in relationship. I'm ok with people that wants to make friends with me, but I got a bit of issue with people who seems too eager like this guy. And more irony, he has a pakistani heritage... which is not much diff with the one I'm involving with at the moment.

For the past 2 days, what I know about him... he's 26 years old, youngest of 3 siblings, pretty caring, religious wise pretty ok, quite friendly, another mommy's boy and born-raise in KL. And other that we talk about the business.

Decided to meet up at a diner near my house, my first impression about this guy... hurm, he look pretty ok. He kinda look like Edika Yusof (picture), a malay actor back in the 90's. Only slight much more pakistani spice on his features. And his nose, oh no... like Dave's. Hahahha. Talk about this Dave, I feel pretty bad on meeting this 'new friend'... not that he need to give any consent but I do feel like a little betraying on the other half. I know I shouldn't be so serious about this, I'm not... but still... somehow if the other half had been treating and respecting us nicely, of course we will do the same thing, vice versa. And due to the respect, I feel pretty bad.

But... the meeting aint so great. To be honest I rather sit at home and watch tv or rambling in internet. He's an ok guy, but from the body language and at the rate of his going... I believe he can be pretty cocky and he smokes which is so not my preference. And the most demerit point of all, eye contacts. He lacks of it, like major lacks of it. Due to that he lose to my boyfriend on eye contacts, at least the first time I went out with Dave his eyes were constantly look into my eyes and yet after 7 months we still can stare at each others eyes, deeply. Yes, it may sound pretty corny, but I do think eye contacts are pretty necessary, regardless to anyone u talk to; your teacher, your student, your friend, your enemy, your boss, your employee, your butcher, your client, your doctor, your patient, your family and the list goes on... unless if you talk via online or on the phone. A word is a word, but a word expressed upon the sincerity of the eyes will allow the words spoken to reach the minds of those they are spoken too. This is why eyes contact is important. I did not realize the essential of it, until today. Ironically there is an old English Proverb quote: the eyes are the window to the soul .

Dude, after this let just talk about business from now on.

Isnt she the cutest? Her name is Eva Lestari binti Azlan Rudy, the first born of proud parents, Rudy and Intan. Born on last Wednesday, 26/8/09 at 5.50am and weight at 2.86kg. A very healthy and pretty child. Just look at her hair... so thick and black and.. loads of hair! Awwww....! She's so adorable!

Congratulation to Papa Shuvit and Mommy Shuvit on the newborn Baby Shuvit. Hahaha. Eva will be as beautiful as you both, may God bless all of you.

p.s: photo credits to Rudy. cant resist for this photo... its too cute.

Good afternoon earth links!

Haha, i barely update my blogs in the afternoon ever since I got myself a job last Feb. But oh well...

So I woke up this morning with a tummy unfit and a hell lot of lazy-ness as it had been raining since last night... or afternoon? Been out of the bathroom and felt limb (and lazy)... I spent 45 mins lying on my bed thinking to MC or not to MC. Its a fact that this Monday is a public holiday thus we're gonna have a slight longer weekend off. But anyhow, its also a fact that quite a number of ppl will take today so at least they will have 4 days off instead of 3.

And I bet I'm gonna get a hell lot of cranky calls today.. so.. since my mood today arent their best, might as well we prevent it from making it ever worst. Thus, a quick call to tell I'm taking an MC and a trip to the clinic.

Doc said my tummy is active, meaning diarrhea in coming. Thus, a valid medicine with a valid MC.

Gosh... at least I'm not faking on my sick leave. =D

Its Ramadhan again!

I'd been quite jolted with this coming Ramadhan, most probably because this the first Ramadhan in my working era. Ya know, its different from the time u were studying last time. Plus, I'd been quite berlagak towards this entire year since last year managed to fast the whole month without a day skipped! Hahaha

So... today is the 1st Ramadhan eve, been stuffed myself with choki-choki and ice-cream ever since I got back from work. Haha, dont know why I my sweet buds kicking in tonight. What ever.. its a total bliss, owhkay!

After choked myself with chocolates n ice-cream... 10pm and I decided to take my bath. Yea, I realize.. I'm prone to take my bath pretty late these days. Bad habit. So, back to the story... I'm about to take my bath when suddenly I dont feel so right with myself...



.... officially my puasa tak penuh this year. Adeh.... so much for the excitement. This is pretty depressing.

While we were having lunch at Subang Parade earlier today... my parents popped out a proposition regarding the plan for my future.

It was an interesting offer though, which requires me to think hard of it.

To be honest, I kinda like the offer too... but I'm still considering the first plan.

Thinking.... thinking... thinking.... thinking....

Damn, this is hard when I have to think of this alone.

.... what is the purpose of me living in this planet?

This is to save a person's soul from my blabs.

For a start, this was how my morning like today...

.... amboi mak minah sayang, mak minah kaki temberaaaang... (the alarm clock from my phone)

Me: alamak, its already Monday.... i wish today is Sunday... I am so lazy to go to work~!

Still... semi sleepy, to look at the phone...

Me: Oh yeah, today is Sunday. Zzzzzzzz......

After a short nap, I got up again.. in my semi-conscious-ness take shower and get ready to breakfast with my dad.

To be honest with you, this morning I still have the hangover from the med I took yesterday... oh.. hv i told u I had a fever since last Friday? After got back from an event at my working place, I was at the the top notch of my exhaustness... my muscles were aching, i had cough for the past 2 days since I strained my vocal much for the 2 weeks, and I have a temperature of 38.6. But still, with all my will after dinner I went and collect my CPU all the way in Sec 2 and actually assembled and update all the software for the sake of the peace in this house in the next day. And the next day I was forced to go to the hospital since I look like hell. But dont worry, it wasnt H1N1... its just a normal fatigue. And still.. I'd been quarantine in my room for 24 hours.

So.. where were we? Ah.. we were talking about how unproductive my Sunday like today. My mom gave me a strict order not to go out, not to do chores like cooking, or baking or carrying stuffs. Yea, u got it right... I'm still in quarantine, only this time in the house. So I practically spent my whole morning and afternoon watching tv, until I got so sick of watching Keeping Up With Kardashian marathon (not saying the marathon is boring, but I've seen it quite couple of times already... but seriously, thats the only show I can watch since nothing much interesting show in my cable tv during the weekend) and got up hearing one round of Hollywood Undead's album and another round of Imran Ajmain's latest album. After that I spent my evening reading novel for couple of chapters until its time for dinner.
After dinner, another round of watching tv since 'Journey to The Center of The Earth' already aired on HBO. Then, here I am... blabbing bout how unproductive my day like today which I spent by watching TV, reading and listening to music the whole day.

Hurm, in second thought... it actually sounded like a perfect relax weekend. Why the heck it still feel pretty unproductive to me?

.... and the meds already take charge, I'm signing off. Roger and out!

This what kids write for their karangan these days.... owh....
Haha... kids says the darndest things! And more ironic... usually its true. Hahahah~!

So... the hullabaloo regarding marriage had been spreading in my life like how H1N1 had been an epidemic to the whole world these days. People kept bringing this issue up maybe because I already turn 23, as my mom got married to my daddy at that age 24 years ago (oh this coming 10/8/09 would be their anniversary btw). Its killing me in a way....

  • My mom wish I found my 'jodoh' before 25, which is... 2 years from now?!
  • My grandmom also brought this issue up last weekend.
  • Well, more my friends are getting married these days (or at least got engaged or more or less on the way) and I'm like... me?!
  • Dave told me on his so-called plan last Saturday of moving to UK next year, and since I'm leaving too... he got a plan in his mind for us to stay together and get married there. (which I replied with a laugh but deep down I was scared to death)
  • Regarding the first matter I had asked Farid to send in the proposal (masuk meminang) to satisfy my mom's wicked wish (haha, it was suppose to be a joke btw)... which I totally forgot that he's still studying.
My inner voice is screaming as I'm kinda tired to hear noises regarding this matter, thus I've made up my mind not get married. Why?
  • I'd been questioned everybody, how the person know he's the ONE for you? And most of the answers would be... 'you just know'. Hello... you left me puzzled still.
  • I dont have a confident to run a family, I dont even have a confident to run my own life... how would ppl expect me to run a family then?
  • Will be sorry to my future husband pertaining to my health issue.
  • I'd been linger in Kak Shue's separation case these days, she'd been happily married for 5 years... suddenly his husband found another bitch few months ago and now he treat Kak Shue like some sort of garbage. Damn parasite, the husband is.
  • Most daughters would like to have a husband similar to his father's persona, not in my case. Read my lips... I do not want to have a husband like my father.
And again... who knows I might change my mind in the future.

This Love, This Hate by Hollywood Undead
In a time of need only few can see what's wrong
millions tend to crawl but only those who choose can make it through this all,
only few can sing like lions 'cause we sing until we're gone
and we've got each others backs until we're back where we belong,
a woman held my shield and through the battle we did wrong,
a man who taught me wisdom through the static we recall,
and maybe when we' re gone our names will echo through the stars,
every start's got it's ending even when we've learned to rise above it all,

These lies are leading me astray its too much for me to stay
I don't wanna live this destiny it goes on endlessly

I see you so please stay strong
I'll sing you one last song and then I'm gone
I don't wanna live this destiny it goes on endlessly

And we once also had a story too
you can see that good men only come in few.
Even in our greatest moments we may win or we may lose
every song's got it's rules, you've got to learn to make it through.
Maybe one day we can choose how it feels to be a woman or a man
without rules but burried underneath there's a picture glued.
So when my body burns in ashes only sing the truth
Let these words strengthen all your views
because these words were meant for you


An' now I'm floatin' right above my coffin as it closes I look down
I see sigh as she's cryin on my moma's shoulder.
I look up into the sky as the gates to heaven open somethin's wrong
is this destiny or am I goin' home,
what will happen to my soul will I come back I don't know,
will you meet me when its over let me know,
You can meet me here in heaven don't you ever let me go

This love this hate is burning me away


This love this hate is burning me away

It was last minute done and been hastily planned. But it went pretty well... i dont care, I'm there coz I missed my fellow schoolmates! It so good to meet them back after so many years!!!

Its funny though we're bunch 23 years old people there, but it felt like highschool again where we crack some stupid crazy jokes, crappy stories and act like one.

It had been 24 hours, and I still miss these kids!!! I had a pure good time yesterday, and I can live with this everyday. Why on earth did I changed school last time? Damn.

Got this from Wired.Com. Its true, even myself couldnt find most of these stuff. Yikes~!

There are some things in this world that will never be forgotten, this week’s 40th anniversary of the moon landing for one. But Moore’s Law and our ever-increasing quest for simpler, smaller, faster and better widgets and thingamabobs will always ensure that some of the technology we grew up with will not be passed down the line to the next generation of geeks.

That is, of course, unless we tell them all about the good old days of modems and typewriters, slide rules and encyclopedias …

Audio Visual Entertainment

  1. Inserting a VHS tape into a VCR to watch a movie or to record something.
  2. Super-8 movies and cine film of all kinds.
  3. Playing music on an audio tape using a personal stereo. See what happens when you give a Walkman to today's teenager.
  4. The number of TV channels being a single digit. I remember it being a massive event when Britain got its fourth channel.
  5. Standard-definition, CRT TVs filling up half your living room.
  6. Rotary dial televisions with no remote control. You know, the ones where the kids were the remote control.
  7. High-speed dubbing.
  8. 8-track cartridges.
  9. Vinyl records. Even today’s DJs are going laptop or CD.
  10. Betamax tapes.
  11. MiniDisc.
  12. Laserdisc: the LP of DVD.
  13. Scanning the radio dial and hearing static between stations. (Digital tuners + HD radio b0rk this concept.)
  14. Shortwave radio.
  15. 3-D movies meaning red-and-green glasses.
  16. Watching TV when the networks say you should. Tivo and Sky+ are slowing killing this one.
  17. That there was a time before ‘reality TV.’

  18. Computers and Videogaming

  1. Wires. OK, so they’re not gone yet, but it won’t be long
  2. The scream of a modem connecting.
  3. The buzz of a dot-matrix printer
  4. 5- and 3-inch floppies, Zip Discs and countless other forms of data storage.
  5. Using jumpers to set IRQs.
  6. DOS.
  7. Terminals accessing the mainframe.
  8. Screens being just green (or orange) on black.
  9. Tweaking the volume setting on your tape deck to get a computer game to load, and waiting ages for it to actually do it.
  10. Daisy chaining your SCSI devices and making sure they’ve all got a different ID.
  11. Counting in kilobytes.
  12. Wondering if you can afford to buy a RAM upgrade.
  13. Blowing the dust out of a NES cartridge in the hopes that it’ll load this time.
  14. Turning a PlayStation on its end to try and get a game to load.
  15. Joysticks.
  16. Having to delete something to make room on your hard drive.
  17. Booting your computer off of a floppy disk.
  18. Recording a song in a studio.
The Internet
  1. NCSA mosaic.
  2. Finding out information from an encyclopedia.
  3. Using a road atlas to get from A to B.
  4. Doing bank business only when the bank is open.
  5. Shopping only during the day, Monday to Saturday.
  6. Phone books and Yellow Pages.
  7. Newspapers and magazines made from dead trees.
  8. Actually being able to get a domain name consisting of real words.
  9. Filling out an order form by hand, putting it in an envelope and posting it.
  10. Not knowing exactly what all of your friends are doing and thinking at every moment.
  11. Carrying on a correspondence with real letters, especially the handwritten kind.
  12. Archie searches.
  13. Gopher searches.
  14. Concatenating and UUDecoding binaries from Usenet.
  15. Privacy.
  16. The fact that words generally don’t have num8er5 in them.
  17. Correct spelling of phrases, rather than TLAs.
  18. Waiting several minutes (or even hours!) to download something.
  19. The time before botnets/security vulnerabilities due to always-on and always-connected PCs
  20. The time before PC networks.
  21. When Spam was just a meat product — or even a Monty Python Sketch.

  1. Typewriters
  2. Putting film in your camera: 35mm may have some life still, but what about APS or disk?
  3. Sending that film away to be processed.
  4. Having physical prints of photographs come back to you.
  5. CB radios.
  6. Getting lost. With GPS coming to more and more phones, your location is only a click away.
  7. Rotary-dial telephones.
  8. Answering machines.
  9. Using a stick to point at information on a wallchart
  10. Pay phones.
  11. Phones with actual bells in them.
  12. Fax machines.
  13. Vacuum cleaners with bags in them.
Everything else

  1. Taking turns picking a radio station, or selecting a tape, for everyone to listen to during a long drive.
  2. Remembering someone’s phone number.
  3. Not knowing who was calling you on the phone.
  4. Actually going down to a Blockbuster store to rent a movie.
  5. Toys actually being suitable for the under-3s.
  6. LEGO just being square blocks of various sizes, with the odd wheel, window or door.
  7. Waiting for the television-network premiere to watch a movie after its run at the theater.
  8. Relying on the 5-minute sport segment on the nightly news for baseball highlights.
  9. Neat handwriting.
  10. The days before the nanny state.
  11. Starbuck being a man.
  12. Han shoots first.
  13. “Obi-Wan never told you what happened to your father.” But they’ve already seen episode III, so it’s no big surprise.
  14. Kentucky Fried Chicken, as opposed to KFC.
  15. Trig tables and log tables.
  16. “Don’t know what a slide rule is for …”
  17. Finding books in a card catalog at the library.
  18. Swimming pools with diving boards.
  19. Hershey bars in silver wrappers.
  20. Sliding the paper outer wrapper off a Kit-Kat, placing it on the palm of your hand and clapping to make it bang loudly. Then sliding your finger down the silver foil to break off the first finger
  21. A Marathon bar (what a Snickers used to be called in Britain).
  22. Having to manually unlock a car door.
  23. Writing a check.
  24. Looking out the window during a long drive.
  25. Roller skates, as opposed to blades.
  26. Cash.
  27. Libraries as a place to get books rather than a place to use the internet.
  28. Spending your entire allowance at the arcade in the mall.
  29. Omni Magazine
  30. A physical dictionary — either for spelling or definitions.
  31. When a ‘geek’ and a ‘nerd’ were one and the same.
Thanks to Geek Dad and Nathan Barry to list it all out. =)

A tak nak pergi if B tak pergi
B tak nak pergi if C tak pergi
C tak nak pergi if D tak pergi
D tak nak pergi if E tak pergi
E tak nak pergi if F tak pergi
F tak nak pergi if G tak pergi
G tak nak pergi if H tak pergi
H tak nak pergi if I tak pergi
I tak nak pergi if J tak pergi
J tak nak pergi if K tak pergi
K tak nak pergi if L tak pergi
L tak nak pergi if M tak pergi
M tak nak pergi if N tak pergi
N tak nak pergi if O tak pergi
O tak nak pergi if P tak pergi
P tak nak pergi if Q tak pergi
Q tak nak pergi if R tak pergi
R tak nak pergi if S tak pergi
S tak nak pergi if T tak pergi
T tak nak pergi if U tak pergi
U tak nak pergi if V tak pergi
V tak nak pergi if W tak pergi
W tak nak pergi if X tak pergi
X tak nak pergi if Y tak pergi
Y tak nak pergi if Z tak pergi
Z tak nak pergi if ...

Dah... dah.. abeh tu smua org tak payah pergi la macam tu! I dont know whats the deal with these human beings yang takde pendirian macam ni. What on earth are these people still doing in this planet? Zaman macam ni pon ada manusia mcm ni lagi ke? I mean come on la... we're independent. Kita dah merdeka dekat nak 52 tahun pun... still wants to let other people dictate our mind and our decisions? Oh puh-lease~!

I have to admit I am very angry with this kind of homosapiens... the most sempoi word to describe to these people is... PEROSAK SEGALA PLAN.

For God sake... Free Your Mind~!

This post I dedicate to Farid... hahaha for his curiosity.

So... the other day I accidentally poured a boiling water onto my thumb and I was screaming like hell in the kitchen. After put my thumb in running water, I went to the living room and showed my mom and she said "haih, macam la tak biasa kena... suck it up". haha, thank you very much for your sympathy.

The next day to my surprise the thumb went bloated like a water balloon. Haha, and its squishy... like an external water balloon planted onto my thumb, what not to love? That night I've decided to poke with a sterilize needle because I thought the water balloon brings abit disturbing feelings to my peace. It soothe a little bit.

I woke up the next morning and the thumb bloated again. =.=" Haih... so I went to work as per usual. Later that day I had just came back from a wash room and decided to resume my work, which put me a lil bit on hold because I accidentally bump the thumb with my other hand and it burst flooding my table with the clear liquid. Owhkay, it was over exaggerated there... but it did burst, just minus the flood part. And the skin torn open revealing the flesh about half inch long. I ran to the wash room again to get a tissue, wash the wound and try to intact back my skin with my flesh. Good Lord the open wound was painful.

For the past 24 hour I'd been keeping this thumb dry, only once in awhile I wash with anticeptic. How ever as u can see, it is still swollen though. Just pray hard so this lil thumb will not get any infection.

I have an ugly thumb!


-In the mood of dissing people, pls excuse my mix language-

So... ada one area kat office yang buat aku malas giler nak dok, aku gelarkan... The Momsies Area. After quite sometime tak jejak sana, eventually smalam aku terpaksa gak dok sana coz kat office tu dah takde cubicle lain yang available memandangkan these days working hour aku start 10am.

The Momsies consist of 4 blardy biatches. Not worth to mention their names, nanti ada plak yang sabotage keje aku.

Actually masa mula-mula aku join that office, aku memang pandang tinggi ar kat Momsies ni.. coz they potrey as skillful workforce, knowledge diorang power and serba serbi diorang cam dasyat tahap dewa ar. And I always wanted to be taught by them, coz aku pikir aku nak jadi macam diorang. Tapi... keinginan aku tu tak brapa di-fullfill jugak la coz they seems reluctant to let me be their protege. Tapi aku heran, certain people elok la pulak depa layan.

After training, aku tak tahan dok dekat ngan TL... I've decided to moved in to The Momsies area, semata-mata nak amek ilmu daripada mereka. Lama jugak la aku menglocation kan diri kat situ... tapi... aku still rasa diorang tak ngam dengan aku. Aku pon tak tau apa issue diorang nie. Tapi tak kisah la.

One thing for sure, adat orang menuntut ilmu... aku ske bertanye. And I have to admit, this industry is so new for me.. therefore aku mmg a bit slow. (agak2 ar aku study apa dulu..!!) But to be honest, aku rasa most of the time aku dok area tu... aku rasa macam asyik kena marah je. Marah biasa2 aku ok ar, no hard feeling.. tapi the words yang kluar tu... macam sial je. At some point aku rasa diri aku di-downgrade gila-gila... imagine situation nie... at some point aku sendiri kena admit kat diorang yang aku ni BLUR/BODOH/BINGAI etc. And besides that, satu lagi ayat mmg aku tak bley lupa which they yelled to me out loud.. "awat blur sgt nie? kan akak dah ajar dulu? dah lupa? awat tak masuk otak nie? cuba la guna otak skit! tanam skit benda tu dalam otak... brapa kali nak akak ajar?!"Damn, sepanjang 23 years nie.. tak pernah aku di-downgrade camni. And of course... diorang peduli apa aku feel mcm mana. But at the end of the day... aku tak brapa nak kisah sgt ar.. itu personal issue aku dgn diorang je.

After awhile.. I moved to Island area (actually because ada org dok cubicle aku aritu) whereby aku tengok diorang ni happy je sentiasa. Btw, The Momsies ni slalu kutuk Island masa aku dok Momsies area dulu. So.. kirannye first impression aku kat Island nie teruk gak ar. But so far, to be honest aku lagi tenang dok sana.. aku lebih senang buat keje aku.. and I dont wake up feeling petrified everyday. Plus, when there are things that I need to refer... they tak marah-marah. They are willing to help me tak kira bila. They very humble, cheerful, teamwork, and yet very efficient in their work. Unlike bunch of those posers Momsies. I dont know, my life much easier there. Plus, when the area was almost full there and I try to find other places in the office.. they took care of me very well by reserving one of the place in the Island. Omg, I've never been taken care off like that in the office before... and I realize I'm in the good hand of these people, never been so secured like this.

Eventually, aku terpaksa dok kat Momsies area yesterday. I came with a clean heart, but tak sampai 1 hour kat situ aku dah jadi jiwa kacau balik. Awal-awal dah kena marah. Good Lord.. and the rest of the day aku rasa misreable kat situ. Thank Goodness there's IM so I can still chat with Haniff and Dayah, they are the source of my amusement for the whole day.

But suddenly, something came out from their mouth yang buat aku agak tersentak ar...
"Tengok Hidayah tu.. dok situ senyap-senyap... tak tanye orang pon. Macam kita je terkejar-kejar selama ni nak bertanya, elok sangat ke kerja budak tu...?"

"Elok la tak banyak soal, dari orang banyak kali tanye.. dah ajar banyak kali ajar pon tak masuk otak jugak, blur..."

And I was like... waddaheck? Dayah yang takde kena mengena ngan Momsies ni pon nak kena attack gak ke? Apa masalah diorang nie? So far... as I know la.. Dayah is in good shape there. She's refering to bunch of great people at her area. Yang Momsies nak kepochi sangat tu apahal? Bukannye dia pernah buat masalah pon. And... agak-agak ar nak buat commentaries... apa tak tau ke yg aku ngan Dayah nie goodfriend kat office? Argh.. terbakar jiwa aku ar camni.. aku tak kira kalo diorang nak attack aku coz mmg I have to admit I required loads of their attention jugak before this. But... Dayah? She have not communicate ever with the Momsies... so what's the deal between her and their lifes? Itu dah kira personal attack.

And still, I'm lying la kalo aku tak terasa langsung apa yang diorang kata for the 2nd commentary tu.

Aku pon heran why aku pandang tinggi sangat kat diorang dulu, I've reconsider now. Furthermore, they are much technical.. They might be good at their work, but at the same time.. kalo hati tak baik.. tak jalan jugak. But so far what I know, The Momsies nie mmg suka cari kesalahan orang lain, suka ngumpat orang lain, suka jeopardize other people's life. And mulut.. God knows!

So... there you are, my personal perception of the Momsies. Well, aku tak pernah luahkan this things to anyone.. cuma today I take it as exception since aku rasa ketensionan aku terhadap Momsies ni dah sampai ke tahap optimum.

May God bless this Momsies.

I came out with a theory while I was chatting with Tida awhile ago.

Its pretty simple to differentiate between someone u keep in your heart and someone u keep in your mind:

Someone in heart: u can describe them in thousand of words without full stop or intermission.
Someone in mind: u have to brainstorm a little bit, the first thing that popped in your mind are the person's flaws.

Someone in heart: ... because u speak from your heart.
Someone in mind: ... because u have to think with the 10% of your approx 1.4 kilo brain.

I woke up pretty early today, realizing i had sucha weird dream yesterday. Whats the deal between me and weird dreams? Hahha.. and hv u ever heard I called my dreams other than 'weird dreams' before?

Woke up early and I start to go to kitchen to chop some onions, chillies, mushroom, tomato, crack some eggs.. chop chop chop stir stir stir... and voila~! An omelet du fromage & fungi! What an ample breakfast to start a very good day.

After breakfast we get ready to go to Pavilion. The people there are not as much as other shopping complexes like Midvalley or One Utama or Pyramid... which is good because i wasnt in the mood to go into too cluttered space. My father was so in the mood for shopping and at the end of the day he's the one who shops alot! Me in the other hand have to reserve myself a bit due to my current economy crisis. Well, let just hope I could survive with RM200 for the next 3 weeks. Oh Lord~!

We had teppanyaki for lunch. Yumma~! As well known I'm allergic to bean sprout. Err... ok-ok, i confess. I'm not allergic to bean sprout, but I just hate it. The reason I'd been yapping on the allergic so other ppl cud cut the lecture part and just get on with their life and let me go with my own taugeh-less life. But I managed to taste a bit of the taugeh, its quite ok... but still got my goosebumps arise like a disease! But cut the taugeh crap, the teppanyaki was very nice. I enjoyed it very much. Babah was enjoy at first, but he did not enjoyed the paying part much. Hahah, what to do... thats a sweet lesson for him not to bet anymore. (he made a bet with my mom on Tennis Match 'Venus vs. Serena' and he lose)

Have u ever seen this much of taugeh to be cooked infront front of you before?!

My lunch

After lunch, got home and managed to squeeze some time for groceries shopping. =)

At 5pm I sped to The Curve to meet an old mate, Farah. My excitement level was on high and very much anticipated to meet her up after....5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13... 13 years of not seeing each other! OMG, time fly by like a speed of light. And it feels like yesterday when the last I spoke to her in 4 Intan twas upon a time. Having friendster and facebook as a medium of communication, I've never met any of my former SKTPians before in real life after I moved to Bukit Bandaraya. Thus to be frank, Farah is the SKTPian ever (besides Etty which coincidentally went to same high school, once upon a time coincidentally work at the same place and coincidentally lives in the same area now) I ever met so far. Farah is a good buddy and seriously nothing much change on her though it had been 13 years. She's still the same old bubbly as ever and her voice didnt seems to change at all. Hahahahhaha... omg, if she's a guy I have to bare with the husky vocal change... lucky for us woman, we dont have to go thru all that! Hahaha.

Accompanied by her sisters (so we had bunch of Farahs at the table.. haha) we've decided to have a meal at Ikea and talk and talk and talk and rendering the old moments. It feels so good to meet her back after all the years.

So... we were naughty to bring in outside beverage in the dining hall.

After meal I thought of joining the girls for another shot of Transformers 3 but the one seat next to the girls was taken, so I decided to depart from The Curve. And... I managed to lost my beloved digital camera. Funnily I wasnt so panic as I'm supposed too... I can still laugh when I found out my camera when missing from my bag. I have a strong feeling that I left my cam at Ikea's Dining Hall thus I marched myself to Ikea being que sera sera. And thank goodness, the camera was at the Information Counter. I have to say a high respect to the cleaner guy who found my camera as he was honest to pass my camera to the Information Counter, if other people found that camera.. who knows the camera will just gone like that. Highest respect ever, I love you Ikea! (yes, u can tell that I'm very happy alright.. the camera is like half of my soul owhkay!)

On my way to the parking lot, suddenly an idea just popped out of my head. Remembering Ashraf who had been messaging me for the whole afternoon, so I thought... its a good idea ask him out to have a little meet up before he get busy off to overseas end of this month and so on. So here we go extend our lepak at Kedai Kopi at 10pm. I can conclude, Ashraf is among the best buddy I have (besides Asna) so far in my former high school in Shah Alam. Its good to see he finally do what he love most now and I'm all happy for him. To me, sometimes a human being's achievement is not been measured by how much money he earned or how top he is at the moment. To work for something that brings self-satisfactory and happiness is consider an achievement to me. At least he's happy with his work though the degree he took didnt serves up his current job. Better than he feels like dragging himself to job every single day and being a single depress homosapien on a planet, where's the life to that? Its always a good time with Ashraf too. =)

Omg, Ashraf is all skinny now!

Have I told you I bought new perfume? Seriously I cannot resist Miss Dior Cherie L'eau. Just... have... to... grab... it...!!!!

Today had been an awesome day! =)