I'd been looking forward to go out with Tida for quite some time ever since our last meet up in IKEA sometime ago. And I'd been dying to bring her for a Coffee Jelly Frap dose in Starbucks, at least while its stock last or otherwise I need to wait for the season again next year.

Coincidentally Tida announced she'd be coming back last Weekend, thus without any hesitation we expedite the plan of hanging out in Starbucks, and sadly... sushi have to wait for another round.

I've decided to fetch Tida from her place... I mean, its been awhile since the last time I set my foot in Taman Permata. I believe, ever since I moved to other school in 1996, I never ever come back to that neighborhood. Much change now, but funnily the houses are remain the same. While waiting for Tida, drove around in that neighborhood (and yeah, my exhaust been screaming thru the silent night) and pulled over infront of my old school. Yikes, memories flash back. That school rocks!!!

Fetch Tida, shoot to JJWM. We spent quite couple of minutes to window shopping and we saw an AMAZING shoes in Nose. Tida, I urge you to buy that shoes!

So here we go, 2 chics lepaking in Starbucks while sipping a grande Coffee Jelly Frap each.. Decided to play Jenga while rendering old stories and updates. I always love the idea of bunch of friends lepak at some sort of cafe or kopitiam playing board games. And there we are, regardless countless of people starring at us, with our countless of priceless expressions on our Jenga session.

I love that day, I had loads of fun! We should hang again the next time u're back in Malaysia! Err... I mean, KL!


i will~! i will~!

next tyme we play monopoly kay???