Inspired by Urban Health. =)

  1. Laughter helps to control blood pressure and heart disease by reducing the release of stress-related hormones and bringing relaxation.
  2. Alleviates pain and gives a sense of well being by releasing endorphins, the body's painkiller hormones.
  3. Increasing stamina through increased oxygen supply.
  4. It reduces blood sugar levels, increasing glucose tolerance in diabetics and non-diabetics alike.
  5. Effective antidote for depression, anxiety and psychosomatic disorder: laughter boosts the productions of serotonin, a natural anti-depressant.
  6. Ensure good sleep and reduces snoring because laughter is very good for the muscles of the soft palate and throat.
  7. Laughing is aerobic, providing a workout for the diaphragm and increasing the body's ability to use oxygen.
  8. Brings a happy glow to your face and makes your eyes shine with a thin film of tears which are squeezed from the lachrymal sacs during the act of laughter.
  9. It improves job performance, especially people whose work depends on creativity and solving complex problems.
  10. Clinical studies shown that laughter strengthens the immune system.
  11. Humor helps integrate both hemispheres of our brain, for the left hemisphere is used to decipher the verbal content of a joke while the right hemisphere interprets whether it is funny or not.
  12. Laughter helps your blood vessels to function better. It causes vessels to relax and expand, increasing blood flow and reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease. In other words, it is good for your heart and brain.

Shall we laugh, now?

So.. I wasnt in a good mood ever since before I'm suppose to wake up this morning, thus affects the whole day today. I was so flipped out due to these few people:

  1. My boyfriend - who does not know how to prioritize things, argh!
  2. My boyfriend's ex-girlfriend - who doesn't know how to stop, geez!
  3. My father - who kept nosy about my personal issue
  4. My father's physiotherapist - who also nosy about my personal issue, thanx to my father.
  5. Myself - who failed to get some sleep for the past 3 days.
Argh! Its just leads to cardiac pain the whole day! Daymn! I managed to make all 5 of them shut up today, but... when will this come to an end?!

Wasnt in a mood to talk much today, I killed my anxiety with these stuff:

  1. Blook - ooh, i got a pair of khaki trousers and black basic tee... on sale!
  2. New undies - cant believe I spent about an hour at that blardy shop (sorry MasterEar hv to humiliate himself in the picture)
  3. Urban Health - good Lord this stuff is good
  4. Meds - finally after 4 days refusing to go for check up, I give in today. Doc's verdict: very high temp, throat inflammation, cold and cough. Prescribed meds that confirm will knock me down tonight.
Nothing beats retail therapy on a mood swing day. =)

Owh... and this one kept blasting on my stereo for more than hundred time today!

Argh.. this is just a blardy heart-wrenching! I'm heading my bunk, the meds most probably already take the effect.

Roger, and out!

I finished reading this story book approximately one month (on the dot) after I received it from my dearest friends, May on my bday. I dont know why, this is like the first story book that I picked up from the box set. Apparently I couldnt help to be too emo while going thru with the book.

Like reflecting myown life on a piece of paper... I saw myself like Rosie Dunne in the book. I felt her, I saw her vision and I'm having the same feeling that she felt. She's independant, she's smart yet she do more and more stupid things in her life. Boo to me and her.

So.. if you're asking me which part of the book is my life now, I would say... perhaps in the middle of Part 2. Casual dating had been not so bad these days, but on pursuing my own happiness.. yet I still feel disturbed by some sort of hollowness in me once in awhile. I still feel dreadful in some ways. In other word, I'm not 'that' happy.

Maybe I should clarify here that he's slight diff from Greg's character in the book, he's fine...

... and I took an oath not to take him too seriously, not to care him too seriously and not to have any deeper feeling too seriously as I'm preventing myself from hating him if there's anything happen between us, I dont want to hate people like how I hate my exes before. Thus, thats how my casual dating works.

So... could I really wait for another 27 years?

So.. it was a very boring Sunday. I've decided to 'lepak' at my grandmom's house just to clear up the wind in my head and also to visit my grandmom. Yea, I found a lil' tranquility in the house, most probably I was raise there ever since I was born till at least 6 years old before moved with my parents.

Few hours after that, angkoi and aunty M got back from wedding, so does Omar, our latest addition to the family. Omg, he's as huge as ever! The cutest little thing. Hahaha. Fascinating to see how square his face mold when he sleeps.

At the age of 4.5 months, he's now 8.6kg... and he wears a one year old clothes. =.="

What interesting more, he's kinda ok with me and barely cry when I carry him around. Unlike with my grandmom who often fought with. I sensed we're gonna make a good team someday. =)

He also likes to grab my hand, stare at my hand... and suddenly start eating my hand with his gum! hahhahahhaha... omg, he's like a living baby zombie without a teeth! hahahaha Cant help it though, my hand seems so tempting to him.

Hurm.. what else did I missed? Oh.. at the moment he's still struggling to lay on his tummy by his ownself and barely can sit. But he's so eager to walk when his foot touched the ground! And he walk sideways... just like crab! Hahahhahaha~! Yea, gotta remind Kamal to teach Omar moonwalk and shuffle when he got back from Perth later on. As per quote by Kamal 'Omar already hv the basic moves'. Haha... how cute!

So.. that's the update on Omar at the moment. Gosh... I dont wanna miss single bit on his growing process. Too bad I'm gonna leave him at least 2-3 years, perhaps starting on next year. I'm gonna miss this boy to the bit then. =)

Here are few pics that I managed to snap with Omar the other day.

Him: It was a very exhausting day, me and my cousins all went for a movie. We watched x-men, and then went for dinner.
Me: Wait... u went watch x-men?
Him: Yea, that movie was so good! Seriously... totally worth it. Oh, I also met my ex-gf at the curve too.. she was watching x-men with her cousins as well.
Me: (ignoring the ex-gf part) u already watch x-men?
Him: Yea, best giler.
Me: Hey.. ya know, I'm gonna watch x-men too tomorrow. Dont mind me, I'm watching alone.

So... you might know that I'm used to complain alot. And now... this is why I hate to watch/planning to watch movie with other people. The scheme is simple:

  1. I'm thrill to watch a movie (well, there are only certain movies that i will excited to watch)
  2. That person is excited to watch that same movie.
  3. That person planning to watch that movie with me.
  4. Will talk about this movie for months before it aired.
  5. Then... that person announce that he/she already watch that movie with somebody else.

What the fuck?

So... I belief this had happened before.. kinda reminded me of very similar incident which occured some 5-6 years ago. Been talking about Van Helsing for months with my senior, Alif, and planning to watch together since the day we were start discussing bout this movie. Then.. one very very very fine morning he announced, "sorry la lydia, smalam abg alif da pegi tengok ngan Rahman"

Also... some few cases which thank God I dont remember the details but I knew on the existance.

This is why I hate make movie plans with my friends (or what so ever). This is why I prefer to watch alone or not watch movie at all.

P/s: Pls dont make movie plans with me if u will end up watching with somebody else and proudly announce to me after that.