Him: It was a very exhausting day, me and my cousins all went for a movie. We watched x-men, and then went for dinner.
Me: Wait... u went watch x-men?
Him: Yea, that movie was so good! Seriously... totally worth it. Oh, I also met my ex-gf at the curve too.. she was watching x-men with her cousins as well.
Me: (ignoring the ex-gf part) u already watch x-men?
Him: Yea, best giler.
Me: Hey.. ya know, I'm gonna watch x-men too tomorrow. Dont mind me, I'm watching alone.

So... you might know that I'm used to complain alot. And now... this is why I hate to watch/planning to watch movie with other people. The scheme is simple:

  1. I'm thrill to watch a movie (well, there are only certain movies that i will excited to watch)
  2. That person is excited to watch that same movie.
  3. That person planning to watch that movie with me.
  4. Will talk about this movie for months before it aired.
  5. Then... that person announce that he/she already watch that movie with somebody else.

What the fuck?

So... I belief this had happened before.. kinda reminded me of very similar incident which occured some 5-6 years ago. Been talking about Van Helsing for months with my senior, Alif, and planning to watch together since the day we were start discussing bout this movie. Then.. one very very very fine morning he announced, "sorry la lydia, smalam abg alif da pegi tengok ngan Rahman"

Also... some few cases which thank God I dont remember the details but I knew on the existance.

This is why I hate make movie plans with my friends (or what so ever). This is why I prefer to watch alone or not watch movie at all.

P/s: Pls dont make movie plans with me if u will end up watching with somebody else and proudly announce to me after that.