How bizarre! Yesterday my first ex (Ex#1) texted me saying that he's in Bangi and will be in Shah Alam today, invited me to hang out since its been awhile we didnt see each other and we bet we hv loads of catching up to do. (we haven't reach the bizarre part yet)

Story behind Ex#1
Knew back in early 2004 when we both were part-timer at the local fast food franchise. Seperated in October 2004, he sorta left me back then. 2 years after that he texted me to wish me birthday and since that I hold the grudge no more and we became friends. Somewhere in 2007, he get a job in Penang and moved there. But seriously, we barely keep in touch and practically text each other less than 5 times a year (including Raya and birthdays).

When I was on my way to the venue that we (me andEx#1) set, I received a text message from someone... er.. someone I hope he'd die far far. I received an sms from my second ex (Ex#2). The message sounded like this:-

Hi Lydia, **** ni. u still mrh kt i lg ke? i mintak maaf ape yg i wat kat u. I nk kawan balik ngan u. susah tul i nak carik balik no. u ni. plz accept me back. i miss u. really.

I was like.. wat the fuck?

Story behind Ex#2
We were friends back in highschool and he was my highschool bestie's bf. After highschool, their (my bestie and Ex#2) relationship collapse, but I still be friends to both party - until my bestie end up to be such a nasty biatch. So, me and Ex#2 used to hang alot since then and decided to bring the relationship to another level (konon). Few months after that he dump me (2005), over my room-mate. He told my friends 'we (me and Ex#2) didnt declare' and my room-mate told my friends 'mana la tau.. dah dia yang nak kat aku'. Ever since that i wish him to just go die.. far far. And I didnt commit any relationship ever since then.

How bizarre! The evening I'm about to do some catch up with Ex#1, the same time Ex#2 texted me! Its like.. both of them are from my past, and both of them were... thinking about me at the same time?! Bizarre kan? kan? I've decided to go meet Ex#1 first before I could make any decission about the Ex#2. Memeningkan kepala je.

I had a great time meeting Ex#1, we were like bunch of school kids gossiping and updating and kutuking each other like no body business. Yeah, its been a year since he moved to Penang. Surprising, he said he has not get involve in any serious relationship after we split. Another part I felt honored. Well.. I know Ex#1 is a great guy, but enough that he knows I dont have any feelings towards him anymore, and I know he dont have any feelings towards me too (I think so).

I came back, i felt a huge pain on my head again when I have to face my handphone. Well... Something I'd learnt from Alfred many months ago, just let go. Yang sudah tu sudah. So I've decided to forgive Ex#2 since syawal is still around. Ya know, my friend adviced me to torcher him like mad since he sorta mess up with me last time. But then, aku terfikir... if I hate people, I dont torcher them... i just leave them. Make people suffer is not my style at all. So, he sorta safe in that part alright. But I guess replying his message wasnt a good move, because here comes series of apologizing, reconcilation, and begging to restart the relationship. Damn. What makes he think I wanna accept him back? He's a jerk, for God sake!

Kenapa la mereka begini. Dahsyat nye hidup aku malam nie!

p.s: aku masih lagi terasa nak bakar Merak hidup-hidup sampai dia rentung, memandangkan dia bagi no. tepon aku kat Ex#2 and now he's haunting me!

Yesterday was a very weird day, I'd been running around shah alam - subang like mad, like no tomorrow as my routines and project collides. I have to get my project done by the evening as my due date is approaching next Friday. The day was chaotic, till it really kick me at my head because I was so damn hungry (at 7.45pm)... i forgot to take my meal that day.

I was alone doing my DNA research project yesterday in the Food Microbiology Lab (accompanied by my trustworthy MP3s of course), it was rather calm since most of the students had gone back for their Diwali holiday. Suddenly around 6.30pm I heard bit 'kecoh' behind my lab, and they were speaking in tamil (I was like 'aiyo.. asal depa tak balek lagi nie? tak reti ke da nak deepavali?') as I heard the sound of a girl and a boy, perhaps joking around at the back of the lab building.

When my electrophoresis were done (approximately 7pm), I have to tranfer them (my electrophoresis gel) to Ethidium-Bromide solution in the Genomic Lab, which located in another block. I was on my way to Genomic Lab with 2 cases of electropherisis gel in my rubber gloved hand as I past by the inter-block valley and I saw the chaotic bout. They weren't joking around.. they were actually quarelling! (please, I dont understand tamil) I saw in front of my vary eyes the guy actually snatched the girl's hand and sorta slam her to the pavement. Chill striked.. I just walk (as I hv my project in my hands) leaving the scene and I was kinda relieve as I met a security guard in the other block.

me: bang, kat blakang jalan tu ada org macam gadowh...
pak guard: saya tau, biar la... kita tok sah masuk campur. kalo saya masuk campur nnt takut saya plak yang kena..

so, i left the pak guard and went into the Genomic Lab.

What bother me most bout the above scenario is..
Is our society been so ignorance towards domestic violence like that? I mean, I saw the guy gone physical towards that girl.. I made my right to report it to the nearest authority (well, reporting to the security guard is authority, no?) but all I get is 'biar la...'? You must be kidding me. I mean, aren't they were paid to secure the place and its a common sense that they are responsible to monitor any abnormal activities (like.. smoking, fireworks, adultery etc) in the varsity compound, no? Ye la, to those yg do such activity like that secretly takpe la terlepas.. but the guy terang-terang bersikap ganas to that girl. Kenapa ia dibiarkan?

I know its their urusan rumahtangga (sungguhpon tak kawin lg), but u see... is it rational to put the woman's life at stake of such violence act? Mungkin her bf wasnt rational, but as a citizen to a country that had been fighting for the nation rights back then, rasional ke if kita biarkan je keganasan sebegitu berlaku? Kang tak pasal-pasal ada yg mati la, kena rogol la.. bila da macam tu, it will be too late already. Then, the public will just put a blame on "alah.. benda nak jadi..". What the heck?

Tepuk dada, tanye selera... nak satay atau nak ayam golek?

Afgan - Entah

I had just came back from Merck's Annual Dinner at the The Saujana, KL. It was fun and frenzy, until the moment I dropped Wan at her place.

Here's a lil dirt about Wan. She's a good friend of mine since my sophomore year and still am since I'm doing my project under Puan Rozila and she's currently Puan Rozila's research assistant.

Recently she had a breakdown, the shit is like... her current boyfriend is sorta gives her a cold shoulder or bak kata orang melayu 'main tarik tali' atau 'acuh tak acuh'. Before this she'd a breakup with the same person (she wanted it), but then after that she went to dig her own shit by cari balik orang tu. And I think the guy is starting to play with her heart and her head.

I've been bare with my own feelings to remain calm for the past few weeks due to her antiques (her so called misery), but just now she'd just across the border a little bit more.

In the middle of Merck's Dinner, she borrowed my cellphone. I figured she's calling her sister. Then after we went back from the event, when we reached her house... she borrowed mine again and put it on loudspeaker. And a guy's voice answered. WTF?!

Wan: Hello... saya da sampai umah dah.
That guy: ok la

then he hung up. Well.. the moment she put it on loudspeaker, I wasnt happy bout it. It doesnt amuse me at all. Why she go and call that blardy bastard? And the most I'm not happy about, why calling that bastard using my cellphone?! Dah tau i tak suka that guy... urgh! Then complain if she's using my cellphone the guy will answer it immediately while it takes him to answer after the 3rd times of calling if she uses her own phone. what is she trying to prove to me by doing that?

i knew from the start that he's not really that into her. and tomorrow she wants me to follow her all the way to Bangi (i think i buy my own tix) to meet up with him because she wants him to break up with her. Yes, u didnt read it wrong. She wants that guy to break up with her (not that she wants to break up with the guy instead). What the crap?

the reason she wants me to go along because what she heard from her friend, one girl faced the same thing and the guy end up asked her to prove to him (by giving her virginity) and end up the guy still dump her. i know Wan wants a closure. and she seems really positive about that guy is so gonna break up with her if she go to Bangi (as she will make him angry sorta shit). But she'd been ignoring my thoughts:

  1. What if dia cakap dia still sayang kat Wan? Then Wan will melt again and going thru the same thng again, and misery again, and feels shitty again.. (and haunt me again?) Then she said "he will definitely would never say that". I asked "how u know?!". She replied "because i know him". I asked him "but if he changes his mind and say he still want to continue the relationship?"
  2. Once Wan asked that guy "do u still love me?" and the guy took a long pause before he answered "maybe". And since then Wan still putting her highest hope on that guy. WTF? What kind of boyfriend answers "maybe" on that? Either it is a 'yes' or 'no' isnt it? If its a 'maybe' the guy is unsure with his feelings, thus.. he does think bout ditching u la blardy ass-hole! cuma dia takmo cakap je!
  3. From there u can see that guy can end up mess up with her head by saying that he dont wanna break up with him, kan? Then the usaha of 2 hours komuter journey to Bangi will be such a waste. Kan? Kan?
  4. Is it nescessary to report everything yg ko buat kat lelaki tuh? Perlu ke? I bet the dude dont even wanna know lah!
The other day Wan did said something bout I didnt really support her like her other friends do (because the rest were so furious regarding this matter and i can remain my calm). I told her that if I give her nasihat pon, not that she gonna listen pon. She said "tak jugak..." (denial). And now, I'd give my words... ada dia dengar ke? Ada dia nak peduli? Fuck u la, she dont give a damn.. nak ikot kepala sendiri je. Lagi nk bertekak ngan aku kata aku tak faham.

What the heck that I need to understand?
I understood that he dont want u...
I understood that he wants to mess up with ur heart...
and I understood that you're a psyco-bitch who failed to face the fact.

So siapa yg tak faham skarang nie? Siapa yg nk sangat pergi Bangi supaya jantan dgn harapan jantan tu akan putuskan hubungan (mcm confirm je)?
Sometimes I wonder why I put myself in this shitness. Kalo diikutkan, I dont even wanna know this crap. But kenapa aku nak buang masa dgn benda ni smua? Wan... because ko kawan aku. Ko sahabat aku. Aku care pasal ko. Ko nak defend lelaki yg buat ko terpinga-pinga tu over kawan ko, kan? Tapi kalo mcm ni la perangai ko, baik ko tak payah jadi sahabat aku. Tuhan da bagi ko otak, ko tak nak guna. Tuhan da bagi sahabat-sahabat ko otak, ko still tak nak dengar. Berlagak la konon lelaki tu nak go on lagi the relationship dengan ko, end up ko sengsara and ko kusutkan otak smua orang. Seriously, at this point.. kalo ko rasa ko nak gi mati, aku pon tak peduli dah. At least otak aku tak kusut da lepas tu.

And last but not least, kalo ko rasa ko nak mendekatkan diri ngan Zul.. lepas ni aku da tak nak tolong da... coz aku sedar, kalo camni la perangai ko... ko ternyata tak layak langsung untuk lelaki baik seperti Zul!

p.s: drama ko ni betul-betul mematikan my happiness after meeting my bapak angkat kat Merck tadi! Sesungguhnye aku tersangat happy bila terjumpe bapak angkat aku tadi and glad that he's still cute and wicked, which I hope my happiness will remain at least till aku tertido mlm ni. But tak sempat aku nak sampai umah ko da spoil-kan mood aku. Damn u!

This is out of the blue...

I went there unintentionally just to feed me and Wan's curiosity on Abg Baju Ketat Kaler Purple...

Initially just went there for info seeking...

About to pull the plug, but Wan kept persuading me...

I have no where to escape...

Without a cash, I had to swipe my credit card...

I hope my mom won't kill me at the end of the month...

Now I have 12 months contract with...

Damn, I almost pull the plug and that would save me from paying RM@#% every month. Damn u Wan for persuading.

p.s: Farid, just to feed ur curiosity... remember the last time we talked on the phone and u asked me bout my weight. The next day I weigh myself, I lost 5 kilo ever since Raya. I win~!

Time fly by so quickly this week.

Are you insane?! Its so quick until I forgot what happen to me this week!

How many of u out there likes to 'berebut' things with other people? Some people likes it because of the thrill and the adrenaline rush, some people likes to play with other people's head. But I *hands down* DON'T. I like something that I wanna use is there for me to use. Maybe u'll laugh till u pee (judging from my car condition and the messy-ness of my room), but i like things to be in order. Like last month, when I was so enthusiast to do my lab works. Suddenly the rubber glove is out of stock. My lecturer said she'd ordered few boxes of new glove already and its probabbly on its way for the next couple days. I've waited, from days to weeks. Gosh, how I hate doing lab works without appropriate things. I end up buying it myself, which it practically cost me about RM26 for 2 boxes. See.. I rather buy the thing than keeping my works lagging. Last thursday, if according to plan... Wan wants to do her PCR in the morning. So, I agree to use the PCR machine in the afternoon. So that morning, I came around 9am to do extraction for my Salmonella spp. and Escherichia coli O157:H7, and Fiza (Wan's co-partner) haven't show up. Do u know what time she showed up? End up she came around 11.30am! So much for doing in the morning. I was surprise why she (Fiza) didnt start her PCR thingy at 12 noon, but after that Ghopi came. After some hulla-balloo moments bla bla bla (I was so angry, so I was on my headphone and MP3 all of the time) for 2 hours, Ghopi asked me if I know how to set the programme for the PCR machine. OMG? All the hulla-balloo and waiting for Ghopi is because she doesnt know how to use the PCR machine?! Like, sooooo wasting my time. So I jumped out of my table to the PCR machine, and under 5 mins.. her PCR is on the run. Then Wan said "laaa... ko tau PCR ke? asal ko tak cakap? aku ingat ko tak reti" At that time it was 2.30pm and I'm at the top of my anger. These are the things in my head that time:-

  1. Supposely I do my PCR in the afternoon, if she starts at 2.30pm and finish at 5.30pm... and at what time can I use that blardy machine and what time can I go back?! (because my project requires 3.5 hours of PCR and 90 mins on electrophoresis and 30 mins on EtBr plus 30 mins editing it on SynGen - do the maths!)
  2. Oh, slama ni si Fiza tu mcm bagus sgt je... but end up, stupid jugak.
  3. Memang la aku reti PCR, yg aku dok buat PCR run every week tu apa (for 7th time!!!)? Ingat aku bodo sgt ke? (Oi, I'm not that stupid as I look ya know!)
After setting for Fiza's PCR, I just went out of the lab. Hatred just lingers in my head. I couldnt bear to see their faces (even Wan's, tho' she's my bestie) as if I stay any longer in that lab, I might throwing things and perhaps destroy the lab. I dont mind dummies, I willing to teach them. But when it comes to people that berlagak bagus but a dummy and end up menyusahkan I and wasting my time, there's a lot to be hate ya know. If PCR machine is so cheap, I rather buy one for myself. But I'm sorry for myself because the PCR machine is so blardy expensive, I can get 4 of my cars to get one of that stupid machine. Isnt it insane?

That same night, I was so tensed.. I end up chopping off my long hair. I kept my hair long (of course i do some trimmings every 3 months) for nearly 3 years now, only for one purpose; I want to curl it up for the convo. So much for having convo this year. Since I'm not graduating this Nov, I guess no point for me to keep my hair long la. Dont u think? So, without any hesitation, I just go to any stupid salon in section 7 and chopped the hair off. And clearly the hairdresser doesnt know what he/she (omg, how to say this.. its a she-man) is doing. Tho' my hair looks like the cutest hair style in the world that night, remind me not to go the purple salon again!

On Wednesday morning, due the stress and tensed I had last evening, I decided to stay at home in the morn
ing and bake chocolate cupcakes to calm me down. Baking is sorta like meditation - only when I have someone else to clean the mess for me. Thank God I have a very hardworking temporary maid at the moment. Again, baking is sorta like meditation. You dont just throw things in the mixing bowl, u put one by one in order. Then I skip the mixer, I mix it using the wire wisk instead. When i bake, i sorta use all my 5 senses all together; i can see my cake puff up in the oven, i can smell the cake from a far (meaning it's cooked! and i dont even have to use the timer), I can touch the warm puffy cake and I can taste the rich goodness of my semi-sweet chocholate cupcake (yummmy). Hear? Well.. I only can hear my sister shouts "Yummmm sedapnye!!!!" and she's just 1 meter away from me. I feel so calm~!

A lot of cooking I did that day, when my sister came back from school I made her chicken rice for lunch. After lunch I taught my maid how to make kerabu. After the cooking lesson, I decided to go to UNISEL to take some data from the lab's computer (back up just in case i need to lie, later). The sky was grey.. dark grey, and the rain pour heavily like there's no tomorrow. That's the scariest stormy wheather I ever experienced outside. I drove my car as careful as I can. I was relieve when I'm just about 20 meters away from the university. Suddenly, when i'm approaching the university, the car infront of the van that is infront of me stop abruptly, making the van stop abruptly as well and I have to pull the emergency brake. Since the road was wet and descending, my car sorta slide down and BAM! hits the van. Damn! The van didnt damage much, except the steel inside sorta bent and the bumper scratched. But my car... the worst damage I ever had so far! Thank goodness the second I realize my car slided down, I had turned my wheel so the damage only occur only at the half side of my bumper. I'm just happy to be alive. Tomorrow I'm gonna collect my car from the mechanic, I wonder whats the cost like. Damn.

Ever since my accident, I have not gone out of the house. Even my lecturer decided to ask me to pass up the thesis draft on next Monday instead of Frid
ay. Aww.. Puan Rozila is soooo sweet~! Yea, she could be unpredictably blur sometime, but she is nice. As long the student is nice to her and shows that he/her is hardworking, she'll help you all the way as much as she can - even in her preganancies. But if the student didnt show his/her affection to the work, she'll just them in hell. Hahah, that is something unpredictable bout her. She could be quite ganas in that part sometimes.

Have I told u how I hate my computer table... very much?! I have to do my thesis for the next 2 weeks and my books are EVERYWHERE! and since its small and tall and not so solid, it practically rocks when I use the printer. Haih, i told my mom i wanted the big RM170 computer table, but she dont want to buy it because it's slightly bigger and pricier. Haih.. see... we buy small and cheap and not solid computer table, and we get a hulla dancing computer table each time when I print!

I followed my father for his physiotherapy last saturday. I dont know, I can see Hidayat sorta look at me in every other minute... and I saw it thru the huge mirror! Hahahha. But every time I caught him do that, I just give a friendly smile. Haha, clearly he's shy. How cute. Omg, how long will it take for him to break the shy-ness? I bet if this take any longer, till my father can walk properly also he will never approach me. Hahah! But something that I learnt from him, he's ok around kids. =) And thats have a point!

I went to my relative's wedding Sunday. Something that I learnt today, my father is NEVER a good co-pilot. Hahaha. My mom has a quick temper when she's on wheel. So when my father, the no good navigator give wrong instructions... the car will go chaos like more chaos than Kedai Nasi Ayam Pak Mal. Haha, I hope I got neither of those traits. =)

Earlier in the afternoon today, Torai/Tony/Toneq/Firdaus called me but I had my sister answered the call since I was taking my bath. Later after that I smsed him upon why he called me. He didnt reply. Later tonight I've decided to return his call instead, here's the conversation.

Lydia: Hello, wei.. ko call ke siang tadi? Asal?

Torai: Oh, ala.. saje je... sebab arini Sunday. Ok-la, aku tgh futsal nie. Bye~!

It was a short call, but enough to make me stop and think for a while... ada jugak orang call me because it's Sunday.
"Because its freeeee... on Sundaaaaaay~!" (Xpax advert)

Last week had been quite prolific as I able to break my routines.

It was the first working day after Raya holiday. Attempted to start my PCR project again [after the holiday], but I wasnt in the mood. Therefore, I've decided to go to the bank to put in my duit raya later in the afternoon. But the ASB close at 4pm and it wont make it to my turn.. so I've decided to do some cabinet shopping. Haha, it sounds so odd, isnt it? Well, my mom asked me to find a new kitchen cabinet to replace the current damaged one. Done that, and the tauke said it will be deliver within this one week. After some cabinet shopping, me and my sidekick, Wan, went in to Shah Mall to just kill the time. Oh my, after 3 years of waiting, the Starbuck's Coffee Jelly Frappuchino is back and me love it!!! Ah... heaven~!

Attempted to do DNA extraction using P:C:I method. But after doing it halfway thru, my mood went down again when I couldnt find the chemical for the second half of the process. Damn, ruining my mood very badly. End up, I followed Wan to UiTM to support her cousin - organize a blood donation campaign at the Engineering Faculty. Well, at first I wasnt much into donating because for the past one year I failed to donate blood as my Hb (haemoglobin) count had been reportedly low, in the range of 11.2-11.8g/dl. I heard, anything below 11g/dl is consider anaemic. Creepy. A normal individual have to be in at least 12.5g/dl and above to donate blood, but in my case... my Hb count has to be at least 12.8g/dl so my blood in the body will still be enough even though my I've given away 450ml of blood as my blood takes slower time to replenish. But hell yea, I successfully donate my blood that day! (without really knowing what's my Hb count like for that day) After the the blood donation thingy, I sped home as the tauke called me because he wants to send my kitchen cabinet already. Yeay. After moved the stuff from the old cabinets to the new cabinets, I sped to Section 7 again to follow Wan for.... jogging~!


I woke up enthusiastically that morning as I planned to catch BioMalaysia 2008 with Wan. We reached KLCC at 11.30am and practically spent 2.5 hours at the convention center. Though I think 2.5 hours is barely enough. But what can I do, my sidekick, Wan been complaining much as her feet kills her after the 2nd hour and she's hungry. This is the down part of going with/accompanied by other people, because I know I wanna spend more time at the convention center (to get contacts for job hunting). This is why I like to go anywhere ALONE. After lunch, we went for lil' window shopping which includes for refrigerator and stove. My current refrigerator and stove is so sadistic. =.=" God, have mercy on them.


We (me and Wan) were anxious because Puan Rozila, our supervisor didnt return our calls and messages. So I've decided to meet Puan Shila to spill my anxiousness as the due date is approaching. But I was in Puan Shila's room, surprisingly Puan Rozila came that day. Though for a short time but enough for me to have a conversation with her about my project and yeay, Natasha from UPM has got the PCR result! With her new method, I hope my project will success as well. In the afternoon, Wan asked me out for lunch. Attempted to go nearby, but we end up having a short trip to KL Sentral [via komuter] to have lunch and to surprise visit Zul during his Management Training there. Working hard, brother, working hard~! Mission accomplished. =) When we reached Shah Alam back later that afternoon, Wan were surprised as the time is approaching to 5pm, so she totally forgot to check the purities for her project. Haha, constantly merepeking with her kills the time rapidly more than I expected. On my way back, I drop by to get my father Starbuck's Coffee Jelly Frappuchino as he had been kutuk-ing me religiously everyday because I only brought back one Coffee Jelly Frap for my sister... and none for him. Hahah, a tall Coffee Jelly Frap will shut him up. =)

I dont know, I just feel like lepak-ing in the lab that day. For lunch, I followed Wan's former housemates; Leen and As, for lunch at Barra, After lunch, I just lepak in the lab with them... listening to their recent breakup stories. God, have a mercy on me~! I was dead bored. After the 2 hours of sadistic ear-aching stories, As has to go off to Genomic Lab to have class with Puan Fatimah. So we decided to get out of the lab. We went to Ole-Ole instead for bowling. yes, me + baju kurung = bowling. haha. After bowling, we went for karaoke. It was quite fun. Later that evening, I had dinner with my highschool friend, Asna. Oh well, she texted me earlier that day - wants to meet me and sounded pretty urgent. So we decided to meet up at Bigfood, a new western dining place near my house. Well, she was having a problem with Ajib, his bf. We tried the Grilled Salmon and Romeo & Juliet Pizza. The pizza was ok, but the Grilled Salmon tasted a lil' bit yucky. I've cooked much better than that. But so far, after went there for 3 times.. this is the only time it disappoint me. The rest of the time, it were ay-ok~!


I accompanied my father for dialysis that day. Oh man, Kim canceled the physiotherapy session that day as she were on emergency leave since Thursday. Ala... tak dapat la nak usha Hidayat [the other physiotherapist]!!! Hehe... naughty me~!


Suddenly my father wants to go to Tanglin for breakfast that morning. Yeay, I had a blissful bowl of Wantan Curry Mee and a glass of Iced Nescafe. Yuuummmyyy~! After came back from breakfast I sets off to do some groceries. Later that day me and my mom fixed a new computer table. Yeay, I feel very independent because we dont need a man to fix a computer table. But it was a one hell of exhausted and I hate the new computer table because it is so small! Urgh~!

Through the entire week, I also felt terribly useless as I've gone to the lab everyday but I didnt do my PCR project but I kidnap Wan to go jalan-jalan instead. Damn, the due is on 17th October 2008. Giddy up Lydia~!

Ya know, I was waiting for my sister the other day, to fetch her from tuition [which the routine is like 4 times a week?]. I was bored with my track cd listing, so i switch to the radio. I turned on to and they played Tokio Hotel - Through The Monsoon. Tokio Hotel is a rock band from Germany. I thought "oh, they already start to play this song (in Malaysia) now..."

After that song, the advert was up and i switched to And guess what, they're playing
Tokio Hotel - Through The Monsoon as well. I was like "wah, this song is so famous now meh?" because the first time I heard that song is like a year ago. Delayed famous. =)

Then Marissa, my younger sister, hopped in the car and automatically recognized the song "eh, didnt we heard this song long time ago... when will and play Elliot Minor - The White One Is Evil???" Haha, a very clever 11 year old little kiddo I must say. Yea, play their songs so they can do tour here, as promised by Alex of Elliot Minor to me last month. =) Play other than TWOIE also i dont mind. Hurry up la. Pleeeeease~!

p/s: yes Farid, I know u're bored of me talking bout this guys for the past one year.. but what can I do? They are so close to my heart and Ed Minton is soooo comel~!

comel = cute (in malay language)

Finally, here I am in Blogger/Blogspot after been urged for oh-so-many months by my 2 besties, May and Farid. First thing first, I have to admit that I am no longer a frequent blogger... but I guess by joining this, who knows I might get myself back in the track - just to kill the time in my fast pace life.

For the mean time, cheerios~!