Ya know, I was waiting for my sister the other day, to fetch her from tuition [which the routine is like 4 times a week?]. I was bored with my track cd listing, so i switch to the radio. I turned on to Fly.fm and they played Tokio Hotel - Through The Monsoon. Tokio Hotel is a rock band from Germany. I thought "oh, they already start to play this song (in Malaysia) now..."

After that song, the advert was up and i switched to Hitz.fm. And guess what, they're playing
Tokio Hotel - Through The Monsoon as well. I was like "wah, this song is so famous now meh?" because the first time I heard that song is like a year ago. Delayed famous. =)

Then Marissa, my younger sister, hopped in the car and automatically recognized the song "eh, didnt we heard this song long time ago... when will Hitz.fm and Fly.fm play Elliot Minor - The White One Is Evil???" Haha, a very clever 11 year old little kiddo I must say. Yea, play their songs so they can do tour here, as promised by Alex of Elliot Minor to me last month. =) Play other than TWOIE also i dont mind. Hurry up la. Pleeeeease~!

p/s: yes Farid, I know u're bored of me talking bout this guys for the past one year.. but what can I do? They are so close to my heart and Ed Minton is soooo comel~!

comel = cute (in malay language)