Yesterday was a very weird day, I'd been running around shah alam - subang like mad, like no tomorrow as my routines and project collides. I have to get my project done by the evening as my due date is approaching next Friday. The day was chaotic, till it really kick me at my head because I was so damn hungry (at 7.45pm)... i forgot to take my meal that day.

I was alone doing my DNA research project yesterday in the Food Microbiology Lab (accompanied by my trustworthy MP3s of course), it was rather calm since most of the students had gone back for their Diwali holiday. Suddenly around 6.30pm I heard bit 'kecoh' behind my lab, and they were speaking in tamil (I was like 'aiyo.. asal depa tak balek lagi nie? tak reti ke da nak deepavali?') as I heard the sound of a girl and a boy, perhaps joking around at the back of the lab building.

When my electrophoresis were done (approximately 7pm), I have to tranfer them (my electrophoresis gel) to Ethidium-Bromide solution in the Genomic Lab, which located in another block. I was on my way to Genomic Lab with 2 cases of electropherisis gel in my rubber gloved hand as I past by the inter-block valley and I saw the chaotic bout. They weren't joking around.. they were actually quarelling! (please, I dont understand tamil) I saw in front of my vary eyes the guy actually snatched the girl's hand and sorta slam her to the pavement. Chill striked.. I just walk (as I hv my project in my hands) leaving the scene and I was kinda relieve as I met a security guard in the other block.

me: bang, kat blakang jalan tu ada org macam gadowh...
pak guard: saya tau, biar la... kita tok sah masuk campur. kalo saya masuk campur nnt takut saya plak yang kena..

so, i left the pak guard and went into the Genomic Lab.

What bother me most bout the above scenario is..
Is our society been so ignorance towards domestic violence like that? I mean, I saw the guy gone physical towards that girl.. I made my right to report it to the nearest authority (well, reporting to the security guard is authority, no?) but all I get is 'biar la...'? You must be kidding me. I mean, aren't they were paid to secure the place and its a common sense that they are responsible to monitor any abnormal activities (like.. smoking, fireworks, adultery etc) in the varsity compound, no? Ye la, to those yg do such activity like that secretly takpe la terlepas.. but the guy terang-terang bersikap ganas to that girl. Kenapa ia dibiarkan?

I know its their urusan rumahtangga (sungguhpon tak kawin lg), but u see... is it rational to put the woman's life at stake of such violence act? Mungkin her bf wasnt rational, but as a citizen to a country that had been fighting for the nation rights back then, rasional ke if kita biarkan je keganasan sebegitu berlaku? Kang tak pasal-pasal ada yg mati la, kena rogol la.. bila da macam tu, it will be too late already. Then, the public will just put a blame on "alah.. benda nak jadi..". What the heck?

Tepuk dada, tanye selera... nak satay atau nak ayam golek?