... for you.

And none will do the same to me.

How convenient?

Yea, i missed dinner with opah and rushed back to shah alam because i told her mama wil be making chicken chop tonight, and perhaps spare other round with opah next time. But, not really.. mama didnt made the chicken chop, I did (end up) using my own recipe. Mama made the coleslaw. But it was all hmm.. hmm.. good. My father gave 3 Perry (the Platypus) as a compliment for tonight's dinner.

It's been a content day. I'm happy and hope opah happy receiving a cut from my first pay (from her very first grand-daughter). But urm, I dont know why I felt some sort guilty of not having dinner with the old lady. =.="

Well, I was just filling my time to stroll in lelong.com.my since there's nothing really nice on tv tonight. Just browsing thru, and I came across to this oh so freaking guitar. It just wowed me since the moment I clicked to enlarge. Its a SGEM 10 Ibanez Alike Guitar and below are the list of it's features:-

Joint: Bolt-on
Body: Basswood
Neck: Maple
Fingerboard: Rosewood
Tuning Machines: GOLD Die-cast
Scale Length: 25.5"
Fret: 24
Control: 1V, 1T, 5-Way Selector
Pickups: H-S-H
Hardware: GOLD
Bridge: Double Locking Tremolo
Pickguard: 3-Ply White Perloid pickguard

And I thought, damn this is so freaking cool! It wowed me the instant I clicked the picture for enlarge. Gaga! If only I know to play the guitar (or paid more attention when my bro tried to teach me guitar many years back) I would have bid on this thing and make sure the guitar is mine, all mine. Plus, for the mean time the price is at RM203, what a bargain aye? But again, I dont know to play the guitar, therefore its pointless for me to own it. Might as well I make an EzyPay for a new piano.

But yeah... it is sooooo prettyyyyyyyyyyy~!

P.s: i'm not so sure on the genuicity this series, tried to googled up more on Ibanez guitars but I found none bout this series.

It was a rather calm Friday morning, I was surprised I managed to sleep within 10 mins yesterday (quite overdose on Kopiko at work way before that) and I woke up the morning without hesitation unlike I always had been since the last 2 weeks. Prepared for work, I realized I owned an extra 10 mins that morning. Figured out, no point coming too early for work today.. so I decided to spend my extra 10 mins to flick on my emails and my extended comunity accounts.

I received a message from Ikhmal (Kem Remaja) in Friendster which turned my initial bless to horror.

salamz... hye lydia... sampai berjumpa lagie erk.. still remember me... ikhmal from key l... lydia tahue tak nur a'asikin dah meninggal?
I replied and turned off the computer, thus sped to office.

This morning I found out my Kem Remaja bestie had past away, only she died about 4 months ago!

The thing had been ringing in my ear like a broken record since I turned off the computer and it stretched out when i was on my wheels and yet even at work. I felt the deep anxiousness and an unutterable gloom behind me.

During lunch I chose to sit alone in the cafe facing the next golf course greens as I decided to put Iza on the line to get more spill. I just wanna know the cause of death and glad I was at a sitting position at that very moment.

Time past by, I decided to online early this night... just to produce this blog while waiting Ikhmal's reply anticipatingly. He gave me a direct link to the news feeder to answer my inquiries and a below message.
u can know all da story from dat page...
banyak yang ekinz cite pasal lydia...
cuma terkilan tak dapat tunaikan permintaan arwah...
actually meninggal thn lepas bulan 10...
i pun tak tahue.... i dapat tahue pun bulan 12.. coz i tetiba mimpikan dia...
pagie 2 i call hp tak berblas... i call umah mak dia bagitahue dia dah meninggal... bagai nak pitam i dengar... coz mal sangat sayangkan dia...
The bolded phrase finally brought me into tears (which has restrained since morning). Some small things people do can really make an impact to a certain human beings.

Knew her when we were in 16 thru a camping program, Kem Remaja Ke-11, where 100 of us practically spent much of our time in half-forest for 10 days back in 2002. We clicked the moment we reached there. She's a bubbly person, thats the first thing I have in mind up till today. And she has the most genuine smile among all. I still remember how she got a crush on one guy in my team while I had a crush on another guy in my team as well and we used code name 'Abe aku' appointed each other crushes. It was freaking hilarious. And she's very funny indeed yet so benevolent and lovable thru out the whole friendship. Even when we were out of camping we talked to each other occasionally. Only when we reunited in Unisel, we became a slight distance as both of us took different courses in different campuses. But we still flick each other Friendsters once in a while.
Kenapa ko pegi tak bagitau aku?
Kenapa ko pegi cepat sangat?
Dah lama baru aku dapat tau ko da takde...
Aku baru je plan nak buat alumni gathering for bebudak kem..
Supaya kita smua bley reunited n lepak cam dulu2...
Supaya kita bley catch up with each other's lifes...
As the matter of fact, aku da berjaya kumpulkan sebahagian darinye...
Aku rindu sgt kat ko, Kin...
I have to admit, knowing Ekin is no longer around does slammed a little bit of impact towards me today. She will remain be love by her love ones till the end of time. May God always bless her soul and place her among those faith ones. al-fatihah

ah yes, i still kenot get over this. though it'd been a week.

argh depress nye aku!!!! tiket habis jua, tak dapat nak tengok PGL this time! why??? whyyyy????????

isk isk.

p.s: this is among stage play that i really, really, wanna watch. i didnt buy the tix because someone promised me a pair of it. and ennnnnd uuuup, due to sooooo many response by the VIPs, the person has to let go my tix to others. bummer. kalo tau, awal2 da aku booking ticket ini. haih.

I was doing my normal regime at the gym last week and suddenly this song were aired from the gym stereo. Heard it for the first time, I have to say I kinda like this song. Then when I came home, forgotten whats their chorus like, thus failed to search the tittle of the song. 2 days later visited the gym, hoping it will play this song again. And they did! Managed to memorize the chorus (duh.. its just "stranger by the day, it keeps getting stranger by the day, stranger by the day..."!) and figured its from Shades Apart. The funny thing is, I never thought this song was so popular before! Yet all around the world are trying to do cover for this song. Now i know why I haven't heard this song, this is from American Pie soundtrack in 1999. At that age, I was way too young to get involve in such movie. =)

I tried to search the original video clip or perhaps that feature Shades Apart themself in youtube, but I got none. I guess it got rejected from the content owner in there. Wow, so strick indeed. For the time being, this is the best cover I've seen in youtube so far, kudos to this guy. But of course, Shades Apart's version is more rocking fabulous!