I was doing my normal regime at the gym last week and suddenly this song were aired from the gym stereo. Heard it for the first time, I have to say I kinda like this song. Then when I came home, forgotten whats their chorus like, thus failed to search the tittle of the song. 2 days later visited the gym, hoping it will play this song again. And they did! Managed to memorize the chorus (duh.. its just "stranger by the day, it keeps getting stranger by the day, stranger by the day..."!) and figured its from Shades Apart. The funny thing is, I never thought this song was so popular before! Yet all around the world are trying to do cover for this song. Now i know why I haven't heard this song, this is from American Pie soundtrack in 1999. At that age, I was way too young to get involve in such movie. =)

I tried to search the original video clip or perhaps that feature Shades Apart themself in youtube, but I got none. I guess it got rejected from the content owner in there. Wow, so strick indeed. For the time being, this is the best cover I've seen in youtube so far, kudos to this guy. But of course, Shades Apart's version is more rocking fabulous!