Yea, i missed dinner with opah and rushed back to shah alam because i told her mama wil be making chicken chop tonight, and perhaps spare other round with opah next time. But, not really.. mama didnt made the chicken chop, I did (end up) using my own recipe. Mama made the coleslaw. But it was all hmm.. hmm.. good. My father gave 3 Perry (the Platypus) as a compliment for tonight's dinner.

It's been a content day. I'm happy and hope opah happy receiving a cut from my first pay (from her very first grand-daughter). But urm, I dont know why I felt some sort guilty of not having dinner with the old lady. =.="


its all 'bout the presentation ROFL!!! looks professional and nice... hmm... i wonder if it taste as good xDDDD kk i knw im mean... the taste must be as good as it looks... its making me mouth water T-T sobzz...

May-o, is that u? Hey, u changed ur screen name already!

Yeah bebeh, its all bout the presentation. I dont know bah, i'm used to the taste already so i gotta say it taste biasa2 oni. No worries, one day u may hv a taste on my cooking. Eeek.. i miss doing potluck!