I'm bored, though I reserved myself from doing my thesis correction, I'm still bored.

I'm jobless

My father restrain myself from going out since I'm jobless

My money is decreasing everyday

I'm anxious

The seeking maid process is such a pest

I cut my finger when i cook just now

I'm fat

I figured out I'm not that friendly, thus I have a very limited friends

Somehow once in while i felt betrayed

I feel lost

I feel lonely at the mo

I dont have a boyfriend

I dont know if I should get a boyfriend

I just hate to clean up my room at the moment

I'm feeling freaking miserable

I'm drowning deeply in this emotion time by time

People says I think too much

People says I complain much

I know this may drive me to a very dreadful depression

I'm sadistic

I'm psychotic

I changed my blog template to pink

I hated pink

I hate pink

I'm gonna hate pink

Wth, I'm just fucking bored!

It's time to blog again!

Firstly, I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Rudy and Intan, they both had just get hitched on Nov 15th, 2008. OMG, I cant believe u guys dah kawin!!! and I'm so happy for u guys! Smoga bahagia ke anak cucu. =)

Tersentuh skejap tengok gamba nie. =)

For the past one week I'd been pretty busy preparing myself for the ultimate thesis presentation which I proudly announce had been held last Friday. Oh well, cant really tell if it was good because i know... its BAD! But i don't bloody care, I am just glad its over. And I hope I don't have to repeat this semester again!

And for the past one week, ironically.. 4 out of 7 days people had been discussing wedding bells with me. The story started because last week was the final week of me being an undergrad student in my uni. And some makcik in the Haemodialysis Unit (where my father done his 3 times a week routine dialysis) reckoned that I'm gonna get married in this mere of time. Don't worry makcik, I will pray for your good health and I'm pretty sure u akan sampai juge ke my wedding, kelak. But what I know, my wedding lambat lagi. I have set several goals to achieve before I can get married.
  1. I must have a secured job with a good income.
  2. I must obtain my MBA. (come on la, lepas kawin nnt sure susah punye kalo nak blaja balik)
  3. I must have a car, under my own name. (hopefully by end of next year i can achieve this one)
  4. I must have a unit of house/apartment/condo/flat, also under my name.
These are my 4 personal essentials/conditions/goals before I can tie the knot. And this is why I kata I akan kawin LAMBAT lagi!

I cant believe I could give a tutor using SMS. Haha. Alex had been asking me to help him out with his proposal preparation through this week before he could present it to the examiners. Oh, Alex is a junior of mine and oh boy, I had never been asked such number of questions regarding multiplex PCR before, not even from my examiner. One thing for sure he is such a high determine kiddo! And aku yg penat kena explain kat dia through sms panjang berjela.

Nasib baik dia nie baik dan comel. =)

Getting a new maid seems live forever. So I'm trying to get used to cooking in the house every now and then. Last Tuesday, my mom sent my sister a note to ask me to cook Masak Lemak Rebung, Ayam Percik and make sambal belacan-tempoyak. To tell you the truth, I had never cook Masak Lemak before (though now I know how freaking easy it is) and its been ages since the last time my Opah taught me how to cook Ayam Percik.

As a result, voila~! I cant believe it taste alright. As the matter of fact, my parents were so pleased with the food (which leads to several days of discussing wedding bells =.="). Not bad aye my hand?

Remember I told you how baking could calm me down? My mom had been planning for oh-so-many weeks to make Tiramisu, and I'd been searching the Mascarpone cheese for high and low and finally I've decided to get it at The Cold Storage. Biasanye, if my mom says she's so excited to do something... u dont get fooled by that, biasanye I yg end up kena buat. So there I go, 3pm on Sunday afternoon in the kitchen. The egg whites and sugar were whip till it silky smooth. The cake had been sliced equally. The coffee had been made to perfecto. And things starting to get hay-wire the moment I poured in the whipped cream. Damn, the cream just dont want to fluff! So I stop to whip and add the Mascarpone cheese. And things are getting worst. The texture seems to gradually curdled. Oh, that is bad. Something I know bout whipped cream, if it turns up curdled - meaning it had been over-whipped and nothing can be done anymore. Damn, so there goes my Tiramisu. =.=" Enough this thing make me heartache for at least 2 hours, bengang giler.

It may look like shit, but it taste not bad. Tunggu la Malaysia, aku akan buat till perfecto!

So just now my mom asked me to make fried chicken (the usual tumeric seasoning) for dinner. But I dont know why, I have this experimenting mood. I've decided to make fried chicken ala KFC, where I ground the spices from scratch. And of course la I tengok buku but I've done some modification in the recipe (bak kata Puan Rozila - my food microbe lecturer, it is called "optimization") and it turns out to be not that bad! It doesnt taste like KFC so much, but it is still hmmm good. I was happy when my father and my sister berebut for the last piece, I take that as a complement. And now my father asked me to learn how to cook more because my 'air tangan' is consider good. Hear that? My 'air tangan' is good. =)

Yesterday Zul SMSed me that he figured it out how to tackle a girl's heart. Zul is my good friend in uni, my classmate infact. A so-called hearthrob to ramai gadis in my class (tempat lain juge), and he's much like a big brother to me.

Zul wrote: I dont know how much dia (his working colleague) suka kat I. But her attitude da jauh berubah dari mula kenal dulu. Dulu if org kenenkan kitorang, dia marah. Skarang, dia senyum2 je. Banyak lagi la. And all I did just listen to her probs, her ambitions, her hobbies - and then shows her everything that she told me. And I always could guess her mood. If she looks moody and I ask her why, she will look very happy when I noticed and ask her. Boley apply kat gurl lain tak?

I replied: Well generally, female memang suka orang caring macam tu. To a woman, a man who listens n remember details (walopon detail tu tak important), to a woman ia agak bermakna jugak la. So, not surprise la if she terpikat kat Zul. Haha.

Orang tua-tua kata, kalo nak pikat hati laki... mesti dari perutnye. Betul ke?

Tepuk dada, tanye selera... nak Kuey Teow Goreng Kerang or nak Char Kuey Teow? =p

Its 12.50am and I'm waiting for my hair to dry. I figured out, perhaps I can scribble something in here.

Life had been same ol', it seems like forever for my family to get the new maid. So, for the time being AKU LAH SURI RUMAHTANGGA SEPENUH MASA itu. Still.. juggling with the fact I need to work out more than twice a week at the gym.

Talk about gym, my abdomen is still sore from working out with Nurul last Wednesday. Whenever I laugh or cough, my tummy will hurt like crazy. I wonder what went wrong.

Yesterday when I was accompanied my sister and her friend to watch High School Musical 3 (I know, stop laughing!), I received a text message from Wan regarding my viva/presentation. My examiner will be Puan Fatimah Corazon Abdullah. Damn, even by saying her name boley menakutkan aku. Inikan lagi dapat dia as my examiner. Habis la akuuuuu~!

I'm running out of word. And my hair is dry enough. Toodles~!

ske ati aku le, aku ske pussycat dolls! aku nak jadi kurus mcm pussycat dolls!

What do ya know... I thought its impossible to complete my thesis within these few days (due to the so last minute data/result), but i totally rock it! Yea, despite the fact I had to stay up more than 40 hours.. it was all done and I already passed it to the coordinator. Though my lecturer end up calling me 4.30pm because she wanna discuss about my correction (lambat giler call aku, baik tak payah.. coordinator pon balik kul 5pm. giler nk suruh aku buat correction?) i felt relieve, like big burden had just lifted out of my head. Well, there's still little burden left, since my viva presentation is in next week. Well.. what the heck?

Last week had been a super crazy week. From failing my multiplex pcr (for 10th time?) to the return of my exes, it was infact the craziest thing ever. From my previous blog I did left out the scene of Ex#1 actually hold my hand tight that evening and said how he miss me much, hahaha.. goosebumps!!!

Special note to my exes (or bakal ex): if u guys dump me, I dont mind being fren with u guys after that (plz gimmie couple of years to clear my head first, of course). But... tolong la after that few years tu, tolong la JANGAN muncul kembali dengan tiba-tiba dan merayu nak couple balik macam tu. Not nice la. I mean, it was hard when u guys dump me... and guess what, I'd moved on. Korang buat camtu menjadikan aku sakit jiwa je.

Ah.. I'm gonna take some time off for the next couple of days. I'm tired, very tired. Sapa bley tolong urut nieh? =p