Its 12.50am and I'm waiting for my hair to dry. I figured out, perhaps I can scribble something in here.

Life had been same ol', it seems like forever for my family to get the new maid. So, for the time being AKU LAH SURI RUMAHTANGGA SEPENUH MASA itu. Still.. juggling with the fact I need to work out more than twice a week at the gym.

Talk about gym, my abdomen is still sore from working out with Nurul last Wednesday. Whenever I laugh or cough, my tummy will hurt like crazy. I wonder what went wrong.

Yesterday when I was accompanied my sister and her friend to watch High School Musical 3 (I know, stop laughing!), I received a text message from Wan regarding my viva/presentation. My examiner will be Puan Fatimah Corazon Abdullah. Damn, even by saying her name boley menakutkan aku. Inikan lagi dapat dia as my examiner. Habis la akuuuuu~!

I'm running out of word. And my hair is dry enough. Toodles~!

ske ati aku le, aku ske pussycat dolls! aku nak jadi kurus mcm pussycat dolls!