I'm bored, though I reserved myself from doing my thesis correction, I'm still bored.

I'm jobless

My father restrain myself from going out since I'm jobless

My money is decreasing everyday

I'm anxious

The seeking maid process is such a pest

I cut my finger when i cook just now

I'm fat

I figured out I'm not that friendly, thus I have a very limited friends

Somehow once in while i felt betrayed

I feel lost

I feel lonely at the mo

I dont have a boyfriend

I dont know if I should get a boyfriend

I just hate to clean up my room at the moment

I'm feeling freaking miserable

I'm drowning deeply in this emotion time by time

People says I think too much

People says I complain much

I know this may drive me to a very dreadful depression

I'm sadistic

I'm psychotic

I changed my blog template to pink

I hated pink

I hate pink

I'm gonna hate pink

Wth, I'm just fucking bored!