Last week I spent the whole week lepaking at my cousin's place in Bachok, Kelantan. Well, the trip had been planned for months dimana me, my brother, my sister and opah to fly to Kelantan for holiday/visiting my relatives there. The first mistake I made was at the airport. Actually I planned to withdraw my money at the airport, but that particular morning.. i tertinggal my ATM card in the other purse. haih. So, there goes my trip.. with a very minimal pocket money.

Coincidentally, my aunt baru terseliuh kaki... memandangkan I'm the only next-of-kin that has a valid license driver (besides my aunt n uncle) there, where so ever we wanna go (or i wanna go) i have to drive the Unser, which is sooo cooool! I always thinks the bigger rides, the better for me.

The 2nd day we're in Kelantan, I drove the whole lot to Pantai Bachok where we had picnic by the beach. The place have evolved somehow, ever since the last time I came to Kelantan (which is like 6 years ago). They have build wakaf so ppl can lepak there under the shades.

And we practically spent the whole afternoon flying the kites and jumping all around at the beach mcm monyet. We were warned not to mandi laut because of the musim tengkujuh and the tide was pretty un-cool that time. But we're happy~!

And after that, Izzat brought us to see his little kambing that he called.... Mek.
The second day in Kelantan, its the day out for my siblings and the fellow cousins; Alief, Lan, Nanin and Izzat. Its time for the youth to have some fun! Well, judging from the land that we're on that time, you cannot expect la to hv much things there. Therefore, the bowling in KB Mall will do! And after that, we did some shopping in Tesco there... at least I can get most of my essentials of what I wanna cook there. I scored some time to do some shopping stuffs for Alief's birthday surprise.

Third day in Kelantan, we all went to my late grandfather's younger sister, Opah Ngah's place in Pasir Putih. I brought Apple Crumble (serves with Vanilla Ice-Cream, perfect for sunny day!) there and it left into crumbs in within 5 mins! Oh yea and I also made kerabu mangga/kerabu pauh as what they called there for lunch. We spent the entire afternoon at my Opah Ngah's house and headed home when it approach dawn. And we called the day off. And later that evening, we had surprise birthday party for Alief. Well, tak sempat nak buat cake pon. So, candles on roti canai pon jadi la. haha. But it was one heck of birth day surprise!!!

Fourth day in Kelantan, we visited Opah Ngah's son, Uncle Sham (who is also my mom's cousin) who lives in Kota Bharu. I brought my ever famous Carrot Cake and T-Gee brought her signature Moist Chocolate Cake. The house was such a breathtaking! I adore the architectural of the house and how well it been decorated. And I found this so funny, it feels like baru je lagi diorang ni kawin... tau-tau he has 4 sons now and the eldest is older t han my sister! waaaa... aku rasa macam da tuaaaaa~! During my rendezvous at Uncle Sham's place, suddenly my cam turn weird and displayed Memory Card Error. There goes all my pictures and videos, gone! That is why there is no pictures for 2nd-4th day as they kapush with the Memory Card. I ended the day with a feeling of devastetad.

Fifth day in Kelantan, that morning I have to call my mom to tell her my memory card hassle. And I have no choice but to tell her about my ATM thingy as well, because I already short of cash. After some money transfer, we decided to knock ourselves out for fishing in Machang. Uncle Wan (the father of my cousins) was rushing out that morning and b rought the Unser. So, I have no choice but to use the Kancil. Urgh, can u imagine all 7 of us - badan sihat belaka in one small white old Kancil? That fishing place is like 2 squares of paddy field, one for Air Tawar and one for Air Masin. After half an hour of journey, I dropped the kids at the fishing place and headed to Kota Bharu to get a new memory card for my camera.

After 4 times attempted of 'almost' dapat ikan, we headed home as the sky turn dark. That evening, uncle sham and family came for dinner.
And look, I found a very old picture of Lan, Alief and Nanin when they were much.. erm... innocent! hahahah

The sixth day in Kelantan, its SHOPPING day! We were out the whole day to buy keropok ikan, keropok lekor, wild mushroom, serunding, kain batik, kaftans and souvenirs. We crashed Pasar Siti Khadijah and get a very good deals!

And when arrived home, we gotta nibs some of the things that we never tried before. These combination enough to make gas ammonia untuk meletupkan rumah Borat kat Kazakhstan.

That evening, I kena jugak tunaikan my promise to T-Gee to make the lasagna and lotus tofu. Lasagna had always been T-Gee's favourite and I practically made for her every Hari Raya. Only this year I changed my mind and made Shepperd's Pie instead on Raya. Why it is so important for me to cook? Here a lil' thing bout T-Gee. She's my mom's younger sister, therefore she's an uptown girl since born. After STPM she pursued English in Scotland and live there for about 6 years. She came back and few years after that she got married to a pure Kelantanese, Uncle Wan, who jati diri melayunye sangat la kuat. Couple of years ago they moved to Kelantan and be a permenant resident to an area that can be consider 'ceruk rantau'. Therefore, I cook to feed my aunt-Gee's inner soul. Haha.

The seventh day in Kelantan, which also our last day there. We say bye-bye to the house, papaya, goat and Kelantan as my flight depart at 9.30am. Sigh, my bro tertinggal one of the hand luggage at the airport and aunt-Gee was super nice to pos-laju-kan the luggage. =)
I had so much fun there, and T-Gee's family are the best relatives I ever had (I'm not being bias, but relatives yg dekat pon mcm hampeh je.. jumpe time raya je =.="). Their hospitality is superb, tho' Alief demam and T-Gee terseliuh kaki... they still know how to have fun! That's the spirit I admire so much, the spirit of Family. Too bad diorang stay jauh. No worry, dalam 2 tahun ni kitorang bawak opah datang lagi! May Allah will always bless this family with joy and happiness.


pi kelate, tak bawak pulang budu ke utk aku?

Bile nak buat cake utk aku? aku nak tiramisu je, bukan susah mane pun nak buat

aku pon tak sempat nak makan budu kat sana. apatah lagi nk bawak balek.

haha, aku takde mood nak buat tiramisu. ko makan je la kat secret recipe.