Its been awhile since I write any reviews on concerts, movies or breaking through tracks. Blame my over rated life, hence I'd been quite lazy to do any reviews or even to write a blog.

On 21st of December, my plane (from Kota Bharu, Kelantan) landed in KLIA approximately around 11am and I reached Shah Alam at noon. Dropped my luggage, get ready for the showcase and out again at 1.30pm. Managed to go for wash and blow (yea, i have to say my hair wasnt in its best of shape that time), drove myself to Batu Tiga station and ditched my car there to take the Komuter (to avoid traffic and unsufficient amount of parking space). Still tired, yeah i didnt exactly get much rest when I was in Kelantan, I marched myself to The Annexe, Central Market. Arrived there pretty on time, hence I've got a seat at the back. Oh yea, supposely Wan tagged along, but her ride got delayed that day and failed to reach KL on time. Therefore, I flew solo that day.

Took place at The Annexe, Central Market; Imran Ajmain started the show with a song called Dia. It was an old track from Harvey Malaiholo. The song was simply beau-ti-ful! Well, being a totaly self-absorb and perasan, I was drooling the whole 5 minutes (or 4 minutes and 40 seconds to be exact) of that song and wishing it was dedicated to me (Lydia = LyDia = Dia, ya know what I mean). Haha, which so NOT! Next, Imran continues serenading us with Malu and Aku Bukan Untukmu (cover version of Rossa's).

Infinatez conquer the stage after that, belt out their souls on Ada Masa and Acapella Medleys: L.O.V.E and Cant Take My Eyes Off You. I was very amazed by their vocal harmonization, oh well.. I'd always adore their talent even when they were in Gangstars 2007. After the medleys, Imran joined Infinatez to perform What If (Babyface's), Digenggam Surga (Numata's), Dengan Senyummu (Radio's) and Why You Follow Me (Eric Benet's). Something that I noticed about Imran that day, well... known him since March 08, he'd always been friendly and yet can be pretty sturdy at a time. But on that day I found another side of him which I never saw that coming, he has a very cheeky persona! He's just simply adorable and witty doing his thing on stage which I cant help it to rose a smile for the entire 2 hours show. =)

Atilia entertained the crowd with her soulful voice on Selalu Denganmu and duet with Imran on Imran's ever famous piece, Seribu Tahun. The crowd went insane drowned with that song. haha. The duo didnt stop there, they continue to serenade the crowd with Georgy Porgy (Eric Benet/Faith Evans') and Butterflies (Floetry/Michael Jackson). I was stunned when Imran sang Dia (Sheila Majid's this time) because I always love that song, and its been pretty awhile tak dengar lagu tu. Love it! And next, Imran perfomed a piece from Bunga Citra Lestari's Pernah Muda.

Imran brought in a surprise guest, Shazzy on the stage. Oh wow, I haven't seen this guy for ages! The first time I saw him was many years ago when he'd just launch his hip hop album and after that he kapush from the scene. Great to see him back and haha, I always knew he's super good in playing the saxophone. Once again, the crowd gone crazy as Shazzy played his sexy saxophone tunes on Mahakarya Cinta (Faizal Tahir's). Oh, I was hypnotized by the tune~! And finally, Shazzy accompanied Imran on Selamat Ulang Tahun Sayang, Imran's latest single.

Oh wait, it did not stop there! Since Harvey Malaiholo's Dia been linger in Imran's head on that day, he sang it once again as encore. Haih, and now that song is stuck in my head! But I dont mind, I like that song.

As a conclusion, the showcase had been very successful and way beyond than what I expected. Two thumbs up for the team! =)

I reached home at 8pm (did some shopping for Adam Pilarczyk's birthday present) and helped my mom prepare the dinner. I didnt have much appetite that night because I was so exhausted. After cleared the table, I tertido kat living room and when my mom switched on the fan I woke up with a scream 'sejuuuuuuuuuuk!!!!'. Hence, I demam.. at least for the next 3 days followed with lack of appetite and diarrhea. Sigh.

  1. Sorry the videos are a bit shaky, playing with distance and very exhausting hands.
  2. Have I told you this entire showcase had been accompanied by a 5 piece band??? Stunning!
  3. Ohya, honestly.. is my name hard to pronounce if I tell you verbally? Because what happen was, after I snapped picture with the band (Infinatez), Alvin asked me for my name. I said 'Lydia' and he was like 'Nidia?' and I was like 'no, Lydia' and he's like 'Vidya?' and I was like 'Ly-di-a' and he was like 'Nidia?!' and I end up with 'haih, Lydia Wati!' and then he goes 'oooooh, Lydiaaaaaa'. Hahhaha. I wasn't pissed, but it just striked me to wonder... is the name Lydia hard to pronounce? Hehe. Nice to meet u guys too~!
  4. Imran Ajmain is among the people who can make me look slightly petite in pictures. We shall make more picture together next time! haha