I was wondering... since I wanna do a slight change in my room... what should I put to replace this Maksim bunting on my feature wall?

My room is small but cosy. People said if siapa tido dalam my room, sure susah nak bangun. Hahaha. This bunting had been up since 2004, therefore I'd been staring this bunting for 5 years now, every single day. Got it during Maksim's huge concert on April 2004 and on that time I was still on piano craze and way before my piano became a titanic in the flash flood. (ah, tragic.. still, I've failed to get over it). Yea, I must admit.. though its been 5 years, I still enjoy ogling this banner. Since I'm in the spirit of room makeover, I feel like replacing this bunting and keep it in my safe for good. But I still clueless what to replace with. Is it another bunting (I only keep Star Wars and Maksim's, the rest I've discarded)? Mirror perhaps? I dont know, but once I got something that is way better than this, then I will bring down this bunting. So, for the mean time I still can lay my eagle eyes on Maksim. =)

Just now, before I came up with this blog...  I was freaking out due to the lost of my camera. Well, the camera ain't that so much of a great... its my Canon Ixus 860 IS. This camera is like among my biggest possesion (after my piano incident, besides my car) and I usually bring it where ever I go (except when I do my groceries or pasar). More or less, my soul mate la. I even keep it near my bed along with my phone and the air-cond remote. Just now I wanted to recharge the battery before the majlis cukur jambul of my new born cousin tomorrow and I was so flip out because I couldnt find that damn camera. Recently my mom asked me to clean my room, so I was up for the spring cleaning and clearing and rearranging stuffs. I remember I put the camera in a paper bag so it wont stray anywhere. I've searched high and low and practically became insane for one hour (I even bugged Farid who is currently in Surabaya at the moment, because I went histerically nuts), until I found it under my note book on my table. =.=" How great God is, He could really test ones faith by mengkaburkan something yg actually is infront of our vary eyes. In the other hand, I need to learn how to chill.

This morning I was pretty amazed by the front cover story of The Star regarding whale shark caught by fishermen in Penang. Then I couldnt stop cursing (blame my bad morning - I wasnt in a good mood and the weather was bad either) as I continue reading it. My doubt was, why did the fishermen pull that 2 tonne whale shark to the beach? Kesian dia, let say that fish get caught in the net... why they cannot just let it go instead of dragging this fish all the way to the shore? If the fish is readily injured and nyawa-nyawa ikan I think ok jugak la to pull it off and show off. But if its healthy, please.. just let it free la. Kesian dia. Though this Rhincodon typus does not pose any harm to human (as they are known for their gentle and playfulness) but this species is consider vulnarable by IUCN. Credit to the fishermen because they informed the state Department of Fisheries but I just wonder what would they do with that fish? I've been to Penang's Department of Fisheries before, I just hope they will not end up put it in one of their aquarium!... or die in this mere time. Either way I'm gonna get pretty angry.

p.s: this is something I did not inherit from my late grandfather. My late grandfather was a pretty hardcore hunter while I end up to be a so-called wild nature activist and a proud member of World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) Malaysia since 2004. I'm just one step away from being a vegan! Seriously.