Last sunday was the Majlis Cukur Jambul for my 2 weeks old cousin, Baby Om. Borned on 19th December 2008 at 10.30pm with the weight 3.70kg, he's the first born of proud parents Angkoi (it suppose to be Uncle, but i was pelat back then. Therefore, everybody call him Angkoi) and Auntie-M. Just to fresh some memories, I was the wedding planner/videographer for their wedding back in December 2007.

Me, Marissa, Opah and Baby Om
Given name Muhammad Omar Kamily b. Amiruddin, he's the continoual of The Ahmad Kamily legacy (my late grandfather) since his father (angkoi) is the only son in the sibling. But not long after that, the name has been change to Ahmad Omar b. Amiruddin due to the long name issue. To be frank, I prefer the first name better or Omar Kamily instead. But any how, he's still my one and only Baby Om!
Baby Om about to screaaaam

I arrived late at the majlis cukur jambul (my Angkoi's father-in-law's crib), therefore I missed the whole thing. That's the first time I met Baby Om, because I was in Kelantan when he borned. He's very baik, tido je... even tho' he basically di-pass-pass to countless of arms that day. But as soon the mother put him on the mattress, woah... he's such a screamo! Baby Om ni ikut siapa? Well.. judging from testimonies I received, he drinks alot (milk) and sleep alot.. i gotta say.. angkoi. -.-"
Baby Om with his Mother and cousin Marissa

Baby Om with his cousin, Lydia =)

  1. Well, at first everybody called him Omar. But since I called him Baby Om, everybody seems to call him Baby Om instead. Hahah
  2. Produced this blog 2 days after the weekend. I got sick ever since I came back from the majlis up till today.