Ok... I know, this is not a big thing. Yes, I know. But to me this is big!

Its been 5 years since the last time I heard from Maciek, my good friend from Poland. To be honest, I do not know what had happened to us. We just dont communicate. Have I did something wrong? Was he ignoring me? Though we've added each other in Facebook while ago... but we still didnt communicate. But I do communicate with his brother, Adam (who is so madly in love with his gf, Trish.. haha), from time to time. My friendship with Maciek were only in mute form, so silent without any slight sound.

Tonight, I do not know... somehow I caught Maciek online in Facebook. So, I thought.... why dont I say Hi. 5 years seems like 500 years, I am very pleased to chat with him again tonight. I missed those feelings of anticipation getting news from him, its funny. Those were the days when internet was pretty new a thing. We communicate like many many many times a day? I still have the letters that he wrote and those presents that he sent to me. And though we're basically halfway around the world, it felt like he's not that far away from me. (ok Lydia... u shall stop there)

Its good to know that he's in France now furthering his study. Its good to know he's back in his part time modelling job, only now in Paris. And it sucks to know he's not engaged anymore (even when he got engaged last Feb, he asked Adam to hush hush from me, which I do not know why). Oh well, all the best for him.

Yes Mak, I miss you too.


Over a week ago, I've attend one branch call from down south due to one customer. The branch officer is... err... lets call him Mr.G. During my conversation with him, its rather short but he seems pretty enthusiast talking with me (which I normally keep my conversation short with my clients or any branch officer).

So, few minutes after that I received a compliment memo from him. Decided to read and ignore because good Lords I have many else things to do that day. But later he complaint that I didnt reply, man... he's one kind.

Days after days I just replying his memos, only today I think he already cross the line. He called me thru my cell phone (which I did not pick up as was working that time). Many times I asked him where did he get my number, then he revealed he took it from the company database. He's sneaky old bastard. Pretty creepy ya know. Meaning by any branch could access to my database and to get my personal info? Where's the security on that?

It creeps me out the whole day somehow. So I decided to tell Dave that this particular guy stalking on me. He took it as a joke, alright. Dave got no problem understanding the fact that Mr.G is actually an Indian. He even laugh at it when I told him. But Dave seems to take things seriously when I told him that this Mr.G is 38 years old.

Dear God, may I know why OLD GUYS always attracted to me? And can I get other than Indian, Punjabi, and Pakistani kind of guy? And please ask this Mr.G to buzz off from my life, pretty please.

So.. a continuous of my psycho mental problem-depression series... its just a symptom of my pre-menstrual-syndrome or what people call it PMS. My mood swings like one kind, i felt very insecure, and I'm very gullible.

After work I've decided to make a little detour of my own... I went for a shopping spree and it was a hell loads of shopping. Most people will go to shopping complexes for shopping... but not me. My detour brought me to KLIA where I hunt for Paris Hilton's perfumes, Ralph Lauren Silver and Marc Jacob's Daisy EDP. I was very sure what i want owhkay. But to my disappointment, they dont sell Marc Jacob's there as they only sell it in the International Terminal (the last time I saw in LCCT). Meaning by... I must hv an international plane ticket to go in there. Sigh.. thus I just bought other than that. Yeay me, the sales girl gave me Paris Hilton's Bag and also sample from Versace.

My fuel tank almost empty, decided to put in some petrol near the airport and continue my journey back home. With accompany by Frank Sinatra serenading the clear night, it was rather a calm drive home. And, since I already in the area... last minutely I took the turn and sped to LCCT.

And there you are my Marc Jacob's Daisy EDP which has only 4 bottles left there. I believe their sale is more into EDP as compare to EDT (on my opinion, their EDP smell better n a bit diff then EDT!) and I have to give a credit to the sales person there. She's so sweet... and she let me brought back more and more samples. Kudos to the girl!

I drove home with a very happy mood, not long until my mom announce that I might need to use my credit card for my eye surgery this friday if she didnt get her annual leave. Oh no...! I'd just spent a fortune, and tomorrow I have to pay some... at least to let RM6200 sufficiently can be charge to my credit card.

I shop crazy, I pay crazy. I have a problem, I am shopaholic and I need to go for psychotherapy.

P.s: Ohyea, hv I told u I save like RM80 from the normal price of perfumes in the market (because I bought like what... 4?)... and my journey only cost me RM30? The parking and journey might be similar if I go to Pavilion or KLCC during peak hour, and minus the possibilities me getting attracted to other shops like clothes and miscellaneous.

Today is an official day of my frustration
Things happening as opposite from what I planned
From one to another
This is very irritating
Ever since I woke up this morning
Yet until this hour
It irritates me inside like a small pin which gradually killing me slowly

I feel like locking myself in my room
I feel like killing a man
I feel like smashing things
I feel like throwing my phone and let it crash to my wall

This is quite depressing

Welcome to my bipolar disorder.

Its that time of the year again! All pumped up and ready to celebrate on the month of Eid. I hereby would like to take this opportunity to wish everybody Selamat Hari Raya to all my friends and love ones. Realizing I'm not the kind of goody two shoes (kinda evil in a way somehow), I also would like to apologies on my wrong doings and my wrong choice of words thru out the years in this sacred month of forgiveness. To those who are traveling going back to home towns or perhaps just a skip away for vacations, wishing u peeps have a tremendous of good times, take care and drive safely.


I'd been looking forward to go out with Tida for quite some time ever since our last meet up in IKEA sometime ago. And I'd been dying to bring her for a Coffee Jelly Frap dose in Starbucks, at least while its stock last or otherwise I need to wait for the season again next year.

Coincidentally Tida announced she'd be coming back last Weekend, thus without any hesitation we expedite the plan of hanging out in Starbucks, and sadly... sushi have to wait for another round.

I've decided to fetch Tida from her place... I mean, its been awhile since the last time I set my foot in Taman Permata. I believe, ever since I moved to other school in 1996, I never ever come back to that neighborhood. Much change now, but funnily the houses are remain the same. While waiting for Tida, drove around in that neighborhood (and yeah, my exhaust been screaming thru the silent night) and pulled over infront of my old school. Yikes, memories flash back. That school rocks!!!

Fetch Tida, shoot to JJWM. We spent quite couple of minutes to window shopping and we saw an AMAZING shoes in Nose. Tida, I urge you to buy that shoes!

So here we go, 2 chics lepaking in Starbucks while sipping a grande Coffee Jelly Frap each.. Decided to play Jenga while rendering old stories and updates. I always love the idea of bunch of friends lepak at some sort of cafe or kopitiam playing board games. And there we are, regardless countless of people starring at us, with our countless of priceless expressions on our Jenga session.

I love that day, I had loads of fun! We should hang again the next time u're back in Malaysia! Err... I mean, KL!

Hollywood Undead - Pain

Now I can see your pain, I’m sorry
(good bye)
I cry so hard
Now I can see your pain, I’m Sorry
(good bye)
I cry tonight

The next of this youth
With their necks through this noose
Were told lies like it’s truth
And we suspect that it’s you
So you trap ‘em with the AK
It’s mother fuckin mayday
They swear I’m fuckin crazy
Ain’t nothing gonna save me
I’m breaking, I’m feeling
I’m naked, I’m kneeling
I’m shaking, I’m reeling
My god I keep bleeding

I watch the world die through crimson eyes
I cry, it turns to night
I die, I see the light
And now I’ll say goodbye


If I could take all this pain away
Use the rage of the youth today
Who’s to say that it’s you to blame?
It’s the people above you
The ones who say that they love you
Look what the world has come to
So now it’s time to say FUCK YOU
If you they care, then they drug you
And no ones there when they numb you
Fill will you terror and crush you
Pretend they care as they shove you
So you look to me to find the truth
And what I say is what you do
But everyone you look up to
Is really as fucked up as you
Time is getting shorter
With these enforced disorders
And we get blamed to pushed around
Whos the fuckin’ villain now?


We can’t stop now
We’re so close now
Cause these times are almost over
I won’t give up, so god save us
It feels like we’re getting closer
We can’t stop now
We’re so close now
Cause these times are almost over
I won’t give up, so god save us