So.. a continuous of my psycho mental problem-depression series... its just a symptom of my pre-menstrual-syndrome or what people call it PMS. My mood swings like one kind, i felt very insecure, and I'm very gullible.

After work I've decided to make a little detour of my own... I went for a shopping spree and it was a hell loads of shopping. Most people will go to shopping complexes for shopping... but not me. My detour brought me to KLIA where I hunt for Paris Hilton's perfumes, Ralph Lauren Silver and Marc Jacob's Daisy EDP. I was very sure what i want owhkay. But to my disappointment, they dont sell Marc Jacob's there as they only sell it in the International Terminal (the last time I saw in LCCT). Meaning by... I must hv an international plane ticket to go in there. Sigh.. thus I just bought other than that. Yeay me, the sales girl gave me Paris Hilton's Bag and also sample from Versace.

My fuel tank almost empty, decided to put in some petrol near the airport and continue my journey back home. With accompany by Frank Sinatra serenading the clear night, it was rather a calm drive home. And, since I already in the area... last minutely I took the turn and sped to LCCT.

And there you are my Marc Jacob's Daisy EDP which has only 4 bottles left there. I believe their sale is more into EDP as compare to EDT (on my opinion, their EDP smell better n a bit diff then EDT!) and I have to give a credit to the sales person there. She's so sweet... and she let me brought back more and more samples. Kudos to the girl!

I drove home with a very happy mood, not long until my mom announce that I might need to use my credit card for my eye surgery this friday if she didnt get her annual leave. Oh no...! I'd just spent a fortune, and tomorrow I have to pay some... at least to let RM6200 sufficiently can be charge to my credit card.

I shop crazy, I pay crazy. I have a problem, I am shopaholic and I need to go for psychotherapy.

P.s: Ohyea, hv I told u I save like RM80 from the normal price of perfumes in the market (because I bought like what... 4?)... and my journey only cost me RM30? The parking and journey might be similar if I go to Pavilion or KLCC during peak hour, and minus the possibilities me getting attracted to other shops like clothes and miscellaneous.