What do ya know... I thought its impossible to complete my thesis within these few days (due to the so last minute data/result), but i totally rock it! Yea, despite the fact I had to stay up more than 40 hours.. it was all done and I already passed it to the coordinator. Though my lecturer end up calling me 4.30pm because she wanna discuss about my correction (lambat giler call aku, baik tak payah.. coordinator pon balik kul 5pm. giler nk suruh aku buat correction?) i felt relieve, like big burden had just lifted out of my head. Well, there's still little burden left, since my viva presentation is in next week. Well.. what the heck?

Last week had been a super crazy week. From failing my multiplex pcr (for 10th time?) to the return of my exes, it was infact the craziest thing ever. From my previous blog I did left out the scene of Ex#1 actually hold my hand tight that evening and said how he miss me much, hahaha.. goosebumps!!!

Special note to my exes (or bakal ex): if u guys dump me, I dont mind being fren with u guys after that (plz gimmie couple of years to clear my head first, of course). But... tolong la after that few years tu, tolong la JANGAN muncul kembali dengan tiba-tiba dan merayu nak couple balik macam tu. Not nice la. I mean, it was hard when u guys dump me... and guess what, I'd moved on. Korang buat camtu menjadikan aku sakit jiwa je.

Ah.. I'm gonna take some time off for the next couple of days. I'm tired, very tired. Sapa bley tolong urut nieh? =p