How bizarre! Yesterday my first ex (Ex#1) texted me saying that he's in Bangi and will be in Shah Alam today, invited me to hang out since its been awhile we didnt see each other and we bet we hv loads of catching up to do. (we haven't reach the bizarre part yet)

Story behind Ex#1
Knew back in early 2004 when we both were part-timer at the local fast food franchise. Seperated in October 2004, he sorta left me back then. 2 years after that he texted me to wish me birthday and since that I hold the grudge no more and we became friends. Somewhere in 2007, he get a job in Penang and moved there. But seriously, we barely keep in touch and practically text each other less than 5 times a year (including Raya and birthdays).

When I was on my way to the venue that we (me andEx#1) set, I received a text message from someone... er.. someone I hope he'd die far far. I received an sms from my second ex (Ex#2). The message sounded like this:-

Hi Lydia, **** ni. u still mrh kt i lg ke? i mintak maaf ape yg i wat kat u. I nk kawan balik ngan u. susah tul i nak carik balik no. u ni. plz accept me back. i miss u. really.

I was like.. wat the fuck?

Story behind Ex#2
We were friends back in highschool and he was my highschool bestie's bf. After highschool, their (my bestie and Ex#2) relationship collapse, but I still be friends to both party - until my bestie end up to be such a nasty biatch. So, me and Ex#2 used to hang alot since then and decided to bring the relationship to another level (konon). Few months after that he dump me (2005), over my room-mate. He told my friends 'we (me and Ex#2) didnt declare' and my room-mate told my friends 'mana la tau.. dah dia yang nak kat aku'. Ever since that i wish him to just go die.. far far. And I didnt commit any relationship ever since then.

How bizarre! The evening I'm about to do some catch up with Ex#1, the same time Ex#2 texted me! Its like.. both of them are from my past, and both of them were... thinking about me at the same time?! Bizarre kan? kan? I've decided to go meet Ex#1 first before I could make any decission about the Ex#2. Memeningkan kepala je.

I had a great time meeting Ex#1, we were like bunch of school kids gossiping and updating and kutuking each other like no body business. Yeah, its been a year since he moved to Penang. Surprising, he said he has not get involve in any serious relationship after we split. Another part I felt honored. Well.. I know Ex#1 is a great guy, but enough that he knows I dont have any feelings towards him anymore, and I know he dont have any feelings towards me too (I think so).

I came back, i felt a huge pain on my head again when I have to face my handphone. Well... Something I'd learnt from Alfred many months ago, just let go. Yang sudah tu sudah. So I've decided to forgive Ex#2 since syawal is still around. Ya know, my friend adviced me to torcher him like mad since he sorta mess up with me last time. But then, aku terfikir... if I hate people, I dont torcher them... i just leave them. Make people suffer is not my style at all. So, he sorta safe in that part alright. But I guess replying his message wasnt a good move, because here comes series of apologizing, reconcilation, and begging to restart the relationship. Damn. What makes he think I wanna accept him back? He's a jerk, for God sake!

Kenapa la mereka begini. Dahsyat nye hidup aku malam nie!

p.s: aku masih lagi terasa nak bakar Merak hidup-hidup sampai dia rentung, memandangkan dia bagi no. tepon aku kat Ex#2 and now he's haunting me!