Last week had been quite prolific as I able to break my routines.

It was the first working day after Raya holiday. Attempted to start my PCR project again [after the holiday], but I wasnt in the mood. Therefore, I've decided to go to the bank to put in my duit raya later in the afternoon. But the ASB close at 4pm and it wont make it to my turn.. so I've decided to do some cabinet shopping. Haha, it sounds so odd, isnt it? Well, my mom asked me to find a new kitchen cabinet to replace the current damaged one. Done that, and the tauke said it will be deliver within this one week. After some cabinet shopping, me and my sidekick, Wan, went in to Shah Mall to just kill the time. Oh my, after 3 years of waiting, the Starbuck's Coffee Jelly Frappuchino is back and me love it!!! Ah... heaven~!

Attempted to do DNA extraction using P:C:I method. But after doing it halfway thru, my mood went down again when I couldnt find the chemical for the second half of the process. Damn, ruining my mood very badly. End up, I followed Wan to UiTM to support her cousin - organize a blood donation campaign at the Engineering Faculty. Well, at first I wasnt much into donating because for the past one year I failed to donate blood as my Hb (haemoglobin) count had been reportedly low, in the range of 11.2-11.8g/dl. I heard, anything below 11g/dl is consider anaemic. Creepy. A normal individual have to be in at least 12.5g/dl and above to donate blood, but in my case... my Hb count has to be at least 12.8g/dl so my blood in the body will still be enough even though my I've given away 450ml of blood as my blood takes slower time to replenish. But hell yea, I successfully donate my blood that day! (without really knowing what's my Hb count like for that day) After the the blood donation thingy, I sped home as the tauke called me because he wants to send my kitchen cabinet already. Yeay. After moved the stuff from the old cabinets to the new cabinets, I sped to Section 7 again to follow Wan for.... jogging~!


I woke up enthusiastically that morning as I planned to catch BioMalaysia 2008 with Wan. We reached KLCC at 11.30am and practically spent 2.5 hours at the convention center. Though I think 2.5 hours is barely enough. But what can I do, my sidekick, Wan been complaining much as her feet kills her after the 2nd hour and she's hungry. This is the down part of going with/accompanied by other people, because I know I wanna spend more time at the convention center (to get contacts for job hunting). This is why I like to go anywhere ALONE. After lunch, we went for lil' window shopping which includes for refrigerator and stove. My current refrigerator and stove is so sadistic. =.=" God, have mercy on them.


We (me and Wan) were anxious because Puan Rozila, our supervisor didnt return our calls and messages. So I've decided to meet Puan Shila to spill my anxiousness as the due date is approaching. But I was in Puan Shila's room, surprisingly Puan Rozila came that day. Though for a short time but enough for me to have a conversation with her about my project and yeay, Natasha from UPM has got the PCR result! With her new method, I hope my project will success as well. In the afternoon, Wan asked me out for lunch. Attempted to go nearby, but we end up having a short trip to KL Sentral [via komuter] to have lunch and to surprise visit Zul during his Management Training there. Working hard, brother, working hard~! Mission accomplished. =) When we reached Shah Alam back later that afternoon, Wan were surprised as the time is approaching to 5pm, so she totally forgot to check the purities for her project. Haha, constantly merepeking with her kills the time rapidly more than I expected. On my way back, I drop by to get my father Starbuck's Coffee Jelly Frappuchino as he had been kutuk-ing me religiously everyday because I only brought back one Coffee Jelly Frap for my sister... and none for him. Hahah, a tall Coffee Jelly Frap will shut him up. =)

I dont know, I just feel like lepak-ing in the lab that day. For lunch, I followed Wan's former housemates; Leen and As, for lunch at Barra, After lunch, I just lepak in the lab with them... listening to their recent breakup stories. God, have a mercy on me~! I was dead bored. After the 2 hours of sadistic ear-aching stories, As has to go off to Genomic Lab to have class with Puan Fatimah. So we decided to get out of the lab. We went to Ole-Ole instead for bowling. yes, me + baju kurung = bowling. haha. After bowling, we went for karaoke. It was quite fun. Later that evening, I had dinner with my highschool friend, Asna. Oh well, she texted me earlier that day - wants to meet me and sounded pretty urgent. So we decided to meet up at Bigfood, a new western dining place near my house. Well, she was having a problem with Ajib, his bf. We tried the Grilled Salmon and Romeo & Juliet Pizza. The pizza was ok, but the Grilled Salmon tasted a lil' bit yucky. I've cooked much better than that. But so far, after went there for 3 times.. this is the only time it disappoint me. The rest of the time, it were ay-ok~!


I accompanied my father for dialysis that day. Oh man, Kim canceled the physiotherapy session that day as she were on emergency leave since Thursday. Ala... tak dapat la nak usha Hidayat [the other physiotherapist]!!! Hehe... naughty me~!


Suddenly my father wants to go to Tanglin for breakfast that morning. Yeay, I had a blissful bowl of Wantan Curry Mee and a glass of Iced Nescafe. Yuuummmyyy~! After came back from breakfast I sets off to do some groceries. Later that day me and my mom fixed a new computer table. Yeay, I feel very independent because we dont need a man to fix a computer table. But it was a one hell of exhausted and I hate the new computer table because it is so small! Urgh~!

Through the entire week, I also felt terribly useless as I've gone to the lab everyday but I didnt do my PCR project but I kidnap Wan to go jalan-jalan instead. Damn, the due is on 17th October 2008. Giddy up Lydia~!