Me: ... I... I'm not angry, I'm just disappointed.. why would you lie on this? If I didn't check this out, I would not or perhaps will never know. Besides, I don't know what else have u been lying to me.
Him: I am not lying.. I'm just hiding it from the public. Remember the conversation we had last week? I've tried to hint you, but u just don't get it.
Me: Owh... now it makes much more sense now. Nicely done, congratulation!
Him: thank you.
Me: That wasn't a compliment.
Him: Haha.. I know.

So... I'm seeing someone lately, perhaps u already know from my previous post. Things that you might not know, he's someone I met from work.

Do men always incorporated with lies? Well... let's check the record. Once upon a time my granddad lied my grandmom. My father lied. My brother lied. My uncle lied to my aunt till they got seperated. My exes lied. Farid lied. My friends all lies all the time. Some man said they lie to get off from trouble. Some men said they lie to please some people's heart. But does it hard to at least be honest at something? No, I'm not accusing the entire XY population but so far... I don't know, I have a skeptic intuition when men trying to bull shit me.

And again.. I am not angry, its just a little bit of disappointment.

Coversation earlier...
Him: You're not afraid going out with me?
Me: Like I said last time...
Him: No, I mean... u accept me as I am?
Me: Oh come one, if u're my boyfriend... there will be things or...
Him: *shock disbelief*
Me: Oh my God, that did not come out right... I'm so sorry...
Him: *still jaw dropping*
Me: I mean.. if I take u seriously, there will be things or two that I would be strict on. You can see that I dont prohibit you from clubbing and such. You go if u want, I dont bloody care coz I'm not going. When I know you.. you already be this one person. I can't change you in split second. Therefore, I take you lightly and you can do what ever you want as long it doesnt drag my life in bull shit.
Him: As pertaining to your question the other day, the reason I informed you that I'm going to the club so you will know where I am. I just wants to be honest with you.
Me: Very well then. =)

And that must be the reason why I'm not angry when he lied to me on the top matter. I dont take him seriously. And he also realize he's the one who trying hard to get me and at the same time I need some time to make an adjustment to my life (pretty thankful he hv the patient for that). At the end of the day, we both know we're not gonna marry each other. The reason we agree with this relationship is just to fill in some empty spaces in each other's life. Therefore, we both live in the moment without worrying what comes ahead because I know... we wont be together for that long... and I know... he's not THE ONE. (I also have yet to know who is THE ONE, God must have it all pre-planned)

Living in a moment. I'm a girl who loves to read fairy tales but did not belief them at all. Once in awhile knowing this guy makes me feels like living in fairy tale (well.. you can imagine he's the kind who would do everything for me and care me like a living gem, so far... too good to be true, heh?), which contradict from what I'd been belief on. And again... I'm living in a moment. Who knows... nightmares is just around the corner.

Yet I am still very grateful having him around. =)