Its been one week this quote ringing in my head, ever since my induction training at the academy last week.

And coincidentally, the above quote practically reflected in my thoughts on these recent scenarios:

It Takes Two To Tango : Friendship
I don't know if I changed over these years, but most of the people around me does. I don't mind change, changes could be good sometime. But I do care if some friends are gradually ignoring me, left me out in the picture, insignificantly. Deep voices in my head popped a question "Dey, don't u get this scenario all the time?". I do. But I did not testify. Let me say this clearly, in friendship... I cannot do this alone. You and I have to play equal part to maintain this relationship. If I sorang je yg play the part, nampak macam I sorang je yang terhegeh-hegeh nak berkawan. And I dont like that. Therefore, if you're my friend, start acting like one. If not, baik tak payah.

It Takes Two To Tango : Marriage
Went out for movie with my office colligue, Dev, had open my eyes on the above topic. Well, I never discuss much on marriage before, maybe I think marriage is a very heavy topic to discuss on... especially from a girl who so naive on this subject. Dev told me bout his history and his divorce thingy. One thing caught my attention when he start babbling on marriage "ye la, time bercinta dulu sayang-sayang la, masa tu kentut pon wangi. but once u get married, u start to feel the responsibility, even my wife masa tu pon change. At office she marah-marah, at home oso she marah-marah. Then marah if I buang sampah tak masuk tong sampah. I told him what kind of a man I am, masa bercinta dulu ok je, Ni bila da kawin, when I nak kluar je banyak soal". Hurm, I'm not defending his wife... but, it takes two to tango in marriage. Both parties have to give and take and do their parts equally la to maintain the quality of the marriage. Its like... I dont marry you just to be your bloody door mat! You get what I mean?

So thats about it. I kinda like Nabil Ahmad's tagline, i think its quite a genious and its like so... in your face!
Lu Pikir La Sendiri!