I left the annual dinner pretty early yesterday, simply because:

  1. It was super super super hot evening
  2. Me legs were killin' me
  3. I sorta promise to spend some time with my bf since it's his bday that day
Well.. not that early, we left at 10 instead of 11pm. haha

I wasn't in a mood much to go whereabouts since I was having a post-hotness headache. So we decided to just wander around KL (and also because the air-cond is just nice at that specific time) without getting down from the car which most of the time that we do is just talk.

He sensed my exhaustiveness (talk about the hot weather and tired of the event colabo) and I guess he got quite a common sense, he started to massage at the back of my head to ease my headache. It was not so bad anyway. After the pain ease a bit, I started to demonstrate him another point at the back of the head for muscle stiffness or headache massage (and it may sometimes bring an opposite sex limb at their knees.. haha) and he noted.

Then coincidentally I was touching my face after that, I could smell homme perfume from my fingertips. I think it got transfer when I was massaging his head along with his neck.

Me: (sniff sniff my fingers) your perfume smell nice... what are you wearing?
Him: Polo...
Me: (still sniffing) Really? Which one?
Him: Oh.. I cant remember what's the name but it's definitely my fave one.
Me: Owh.. ya know, I love one range of Ralph Lauren for man... the name is Ralph Lauren Silver and I'd been crazy about it ever since they launched that range 5 years ago. I even bought for my ex and my uncle's bday on that year. It smell quite masculine, pretty much like yours. And previously I would drop by at the perfume department once in a while just to give a sniff. But I dont do that anymore.
Him: Really? Well.. I cant remember mine. I dont usually bother with the name.. its like I go to perfume counter, I just take what I think smell nice. All I can remember that this perfume's bottle is some sort of black color, with a silver package.
Me: ???? the bottle is square or cylinder?
Him: Square...
Me: (still sniffing) omg, that's Ralph Lauren Silver la sayang oooi~!

That explains why I kept sniffing my finger ever since I notice that smell. Shish.

Seriously, I'd never met anyone I know who really likes Ralph Lauren Silver before.

And I can't help to notice that he got some similar habit and similar taste on choosing some stuff like mine. At least I know he got a good taste. =)