It was a rather fine sunny saturday, twas having lunch with my father at SJMC and suddenly my sister called.

Marissa: Kak Lydia, where are u now?
Me: SJMC la, wat u think?
Marissa: Have mama told u that ur room got flooded?
Me: What?!

Marissa: Owh mama haven't told u then, suddenly we heard bunyi 'hujan' at upstairs.. we when up and the sound came from ur room. Its like waterfall came down from ur ceiling. Paip from tank atas pecah, we're calling a plumber.
Me: ?!?!?!
Marissa: I think u need to come home.

So thats a short call I received from my sister, after put my father at the dialysis center... I rushed back home.

I reached home, my mom and the maid had just brought down those mattresses for sun dry. And most of my stuff in my room had been brought out to clear the room. But I managed to get some photos courtessy of my sister.

Its been a very tiring weekend on cleaning and drying my stuff out on the sun. And it had been a very hot weekend as well. Oh do u know 3/4 of my cupboard were affected? I have to bring out all my clothes out of the cupboard and dump in washing machine. And it affected most of parquet as well. Thank goodness I brought along most of my gadgets.

To look at the bright side, my mom always wanted me to do some spring cleaning of my room. And yeay, we're getting a laminated floor boards!