"i dont mind if u suka org lain and later on u want to be with org lain... i'm ok with that, but u must let me know awal-awal la.. u're young and I cant stop u from making ur own choices... but i just can hope it wont happen la.."
I only able to answer it with a nod. Somehow I felt the above quote is a bit powerful, too powerful for me to give a verbal reply.

The quote had been blurted out from my bf over dinner after I complaint about my best friend to him. Yes, you heard (or read) it right.. my bf. Its long time since I get involve in any relationship. I actually in doubt with this one too earlier, but I sorta give up due to I can sense his sincere-ness and I don't know, just fascinated since I never felt so been taken care of so seriously before. Its too 'so' till i said it twice.

I know my relationship with him didnt get much approval from couple of my buddies (due to extend certain factors) but I just want to let it flow. Further more, when I'm in need of my buddies far back then they barely available to feed my soul, but once there's a guy walk into my life who care for me and made me smile constantly each and every day... those buddies sorta start giving their p.o.v's. What the heck?

So, sayonara series of 'oops, sorry la dik.. akak dah kawin' excuses each time a guy wants to get to know me. Once upon a time, I don't need a boyfriend due to I have a bestie that can fill up my soul and somehow I felt he'd done a marvelous job till I dont have to find love from other guy (why I sorta feel this is like snippet from Cecilia Ahern's 'Where Rainbows End'?). And now, my bestie sorta neglected me, which I think it's ok for me (though other ppl don't find my justice over this scenario) because somehow I realize I need to move on without depending on my besties. And apparently that guy coincidentally came in perfect timing to fill in my current semi-empty soul. Which I feel pretty much grateful because he's there for me all the time (so far) and he accepts me as what I am (so far) regardless I'd showed him much flaws before.

Therefore, I decided to go with the flow.

P.s: He's not my rebound, thank you. And I love Cecilia Ahern's Where Rainbows End, its just...