So.. it was a very boring Sunday. I've decided to 'lepak' at my grandmom's house just to clear up the wind in my head and also to visit my grandmom. Yea, I found a lil' tranquility in the house, most probably I was raise there ever since I was born till at least 6 years old before moved with my parents.

Few hours after that, angkoi and aunty M got back from wedding, so does Omar, our latest addition to the family. Omg, he's as huge as ever! The cutest little thing. Hahaha. Fascinating to see how square his face mold when he sleeps.

At the age of 4.5 months, he's now 8.6kg... and he wears a one year old clothes. =.="

What interesting more, he's kinda ok with me and barely cry when I carry him around. Unlike with my grandmom who often fought with. I sensed we're gonna make a good team someday. =)

He also likes to grab my hand, stare at my hand... and suddenly start eating my hand with his gum! hahhahahhaha... omg, he's like a living baby zombie without a teeth! hahahaha Cant help it though, my hand seems so tempting to him.

Hurm.. what else did I missed? Oh.. at the moment he's still struggling to lay on his tummy by his ownself and barely can sit. But he's so eager to walk when his foot touched the ground! And he walk sideways... just like crab! Hahahhahaha~! Yea, gotta remind Kamal to teach Omar moonwalk and shuffle when he got back from Perth later on. As per quote by Kamal 'Omar already hv the basic moves'. Haha... how cute!

So.. that's the update on Omar at the moment. Gosh... I dont wanna miss single bit on his growing process. Too bad I'm gonna leave him at least 2-3 years, perhaps starting on next year. I'm gonna miss this boy to the bit then. =)

Here are few pics that I managed to snap with Omar the other day.