I finished reading this story book approximately one month (on the dot) after I received it from my dearest friends, May on my bday. I dont know why, this is like the first story book that I picked up from the box set. Apparently I couldnt help to be too emo while going thru with the book.

Like reflecting myown life on a piece of paper... I saw myself like Rosie Dunne in the book. I felt her, I saw her vision and I'm having the same feeling that she felt. She's independant, she's smart yet she do more and more stupid things in her life. Boo to me and her.

So.. if you're asking me which part of the book is my life now, I would say... perhaps in the middle of Part 2. Casual dating had been not so bad these days, but on pursuing my own happiness.. yet I still feel disturbed by some sort of hollowness in me once in awhile. I still feel dreadful in some ways. In other word, I'm not 'that' happy.

Maybe I should clarify here that he's slight diff from Greg's character in the book, he's fine...

... and I took an oath not to take him too seriously, not to care him too seriously and not to have any deeper feeling too seriously as I'm preventing myself from hating him if there's anything happen between us, I dont want to hate people like how I hate my exes before. Thus, thats how my casual dating works.

So... could I really wait for another 27 years?