So.. I wasnt in a good mood ever since before I'm suppose to wake up this morning, thus affects the whole day today. I was so flipped out due to these few people:

  1. My boyfriend - who does not know how to prioritize things, argh!
  2. My boyfriend's ex-girlfriend - who doesn't know how to stop, geez!
  3. My father - who kept nosy about my personal issue
  4. My father's physiotherapist - who also nosy about my personal issue, thanx to my father.
  5. Myself - who failed to get some sleep for the past 3 days.
Argh! Its just leads to cardiac pain the whole day! Daymn! I managed to make all 5 of them shut up today, but... when will this come to an end?!

Wasnt in a mood to talk much today, I killed my anxiety with these stuff:

  1. Blook - ooh, i got a pair of khaki trousers and black basic tee... on sale!
  2. New undies - cant believe I spent about an hour at that blardy shop (sorry MasterEar hv to humiliate himself in the picture)
  3. Urban Health - good Lord this stuff is good
  4. Meds - finally after 4 days refusing to go for check up, I give in today. Doc's verdict: very high temp, throat inflammation, cold and cough. Prescribed meds that confirm will knock me down tonight.
Nothing beats retail therapy on a mood swing day. =)

Owh... and this one kept blasting on my stereo for more than hundred time today!

Argh.. this is just a blardy heart-wrenching! I'm heading my bunk, the meds most probably already take the effect.

Roger, and out!