This is to save a person's soul from my blabs.

For a start, this was how my morning like today...

.... amboi mak minah sayang, mak minah kaki temberaaaang... (the alarm clock from my phone)

Me: alamak, its already Monday.... i wish today is Sunday... I am so lazy to go to work~!

Still... semi sleepy, to look at the phone...

Me: Oh yeah, today is Sunday. Zzzzzzzz......

After a short nap, I got up again.. in my semi-conscious-ness take shower and get ready to breakfast with my dad.

To be honest with you, this morning I still have the hangover from the med I took yesterday... oh.. hv i told u I had a fever since last Friday? After got back from an event at my working place, I was at the the top notch of my exhaustness... my muscles were aching, i had cough for the past 2 days since I strained my vocal much for the 2 weeks, and I have a temperature of 38.6. But still, with all my will after dinner I went and collect my CPU all the way in Sec 2 and actually assembled and update all the software for the sake of the peace in this house in the next day. And the next day I was forced to go to the hospital since I look like hell. But dont worry, it wasnt H1N1... its just a normal fatigue. And still.. I'd been quarantine in my room for 24 hours.

So.. where were we? Ah.. we were talking about how unproductive my Sunday like today. My mom gave me a strict order not to go out, not to do chores like cooking, or baking or carrying stuffs. Yea, u got it right... I'm still in quarantine, only this time in the house. So I practically spent my whole morning and afternoon watching tv, until I got so sick of watching Keeping Up With Kardashian marathon (not saying the marathon is boring, but I've seen it quite couple of times already... but seriously, thats the only show I can watch since nothing much interesting show in my cable tv during the weekend) and got up hearing one round of Hollywood Undead's album and another round of Imran Ajmain's latest album. After that I spent my evening reading novel for couple of chapters until its time for dinner.
After dinner, another round of watching tv since 'Journey to The Center of The Earth' already aired on HBO. Then, here I am... blabbing bout how unproductive my day like today which I spent by watching TV, reading and listening to music the whole day.

Hurm, in second thought... it actually sounded like a perfect relax weekend. Why the heck it still feel pretty unproductive to me?

.... and the meds already take charge, I'm signing off. Roger and out!