So... I'd just came back from meeting a friend. He's a new friend, someone I'd just known bout 2 days ago. We're basically working in the same company, its just that he based in different location.

For the past 2 days he'd been calling me about 4-5 times a day and he sounded pretty eager to know me though I did told him I'm currently in relationship. I'm ok with people that wants to make friends with me, but I got a bit of issue with people who seems too eager like this guy. And more irony, he has a pakistani heritage... which is not much diff with the one I'm involving with at the moment.

For the past 2 days, what I know about him... he's 26 years old, youngest of 3 siblings, pretty caring, religious wise pretty ok, quite friendly, another mommy's boy and born-raise in KL. And other that we talk about the business.

Decided to meet up at a diner near my house, my first impression about this guy... hurm, he look pretty ok. He kinda look like Edika Yusof (picture), a malay actor back in the 90's. Only slight much more pakistani spice on his features. And his nose, oh no... like Dave's. Hahahha. Talk about this Dave, I feel pretty bad on meeting this 'new friend'... not that he need to give any consent but I do feel like a little betraying on the other half. I know I shouldn't be so serious about this, I'm not... but still... somehow if the other half had been treating and respecting us nicely, of course we will do the same thing, vice versa. And due to the respect, I feel pretty bad.

But... the meeting aint so great. To be honest I rather sit at home and watch tv or rambling in internet. He's an ok guy, but from the body language and at the rate of his going... I believe he can be pretty cocky and he smokes which is so not my preference. And the most demerit point of all, eye contacts. He lacks of it, like major lacks of it. Due to that he lose to my boyfriend on eye contacts, at least the first time I went out with Dave his eyes were constantly look into my eyes and yet after 7 months we still can stare at each others eyes, deeply. Yes, it may sound pretty corny, but I do think eye contacts are pretty necessary, regardless to anyone u talk to; your teacher, your student, your friend, your enemy, your boss, your employee, your butcher, your client, your doctor, your patient, your family and the list goes on... unless if you talk via online or on the phone. A word is a word, but a word expressed upon the sincerity of the eyes will allow the words spoken to reach the minds of those they are spoken too. This is why eyes contact is important. I did not realize the essential of it, until today. Ironically there is an old English Proverb quote: the eyes are the window to the soul .

Dude, after this let just talk about business from now on.


wow! w0w! w0w!

baru kejap i tinggal u...
da ade peminat eh?
ape ilmu?
ajar le ckit...

miss u dearie~!!!!

hahaha, sorta. Abaikan.

Ilmu? Nnt masa Starbuck session kita nnt I akan turunkan ilmu tu, u will be my apprentice. =p

Miss u too dear, balek la cepat. Selagi coffee jelly frap masih ada.