Good afternoon earth links!

Haha, i barely update my blogs in the afternoon ever since I got myself a job last Feb. But oh well...

So I woke up this morning with a tummy unfit and a hell lot of lazy-ness as it had been raining since last night... or afternoon? Been out of the bathroom and felt limb (and lazy)... I spent 45 mins lying on my bed thinking to MC or not to MC. Its a fact that this Monday is a public holiday thus we're gonna have a slight longer weekend off. But anyhow, its also a fact that quite a number of ppl will take today so at least they will have 4 days off instead of 3.

And I bet I'm gonna get a hell lot of cranky calls today.. so.. since my mood today arent their best, might as well we prevent it from making it ever worst. Thus, a quick call to tell I'm taking an MC and a trip to the clinic.

Doc said my tummy is active, meaning diarrhea in coming. Thus, a valid medicine with a valid MC.

Gosh... at least I'm not faking on my sick leave. =D