So... the hullabaloo regarding marriage had been spreading in my life like how H1N1 had been an epidemic to the whole world these days. People kept bringing this issue up maybe because I already turn 23, as my mom got married to my daddy at that age 24 years ago (oh this coming 10/8/09 would be their anniversary btw). Its killing me in a way....

  • My mom wish I found my 'jodoh' before 25, which is... 2 years from now?!
  • My grandmom also brought this issue up last weekend.
  • Well, more my friends are getting married these days (or at least got engaged or more or less on the way) and I'm like... me?!
  • Dave told me on his so-called plan last Saturday of moving to UK next year, and since I'm leaving too... he got a plan in his mind for us to stay together and get married there. (which I replied with a laugh but deep down I was scared to death)
  • Regarding the first matter I had asked Farid to send in the proposal (masuk meminang) to satisfy my mom's wicked wish (haha, it was suppose to be a joke btw)... which I totally forgot that he's still studying.
My inner voice is screaming as I'm kinda tired to hear noises regarding this matter, thus I've made up my mind not get married. Why?
  • I'd been questioned everybody, how the person know he's the ONE for you? And most of the answers would be... 'you just know'. Hello... you left me puzzled still.
  • I dont have a confident to run a family, I dont even have a confident to run my own life... how would ppl expect me to run a family then?
  • Will be sorry to my future husband pertaining to my health issue.
  • I'd been linger in Kak Shue's separation case these days, she'd been happily married for 5 years... suddenly his husband found another bitch few months ago and now he treat Kak Shue like some sort of garbage. Damn parasite, the husband is.
  • Most daughters would like to have a husband similar to his father's persona, not in my case. Read my lips... I do not want to have a husband like my father.
And again... who knows I might change my mind in the future.


marriage is an investment that pays dividens....

..... only if u pay INTEREST...