Have u ever went out for a dinner with your parents and end up regretting it?

Yes, this is one of those night.

So my mom screamed on to my sick face this morning. I thought following them for dinner will a bit subside my aching aching aching heart today and brings us all back to a good term.

I was wrong, so wrong! I shud have follow my guts to stay at home and watch You've Got Mail on Cinemax, but my sadistic mind thought 'why dont I do a nobel thing and follow them for dinner so everything will be fine'. One of my nobel thoughts that turned out to be freaking unwise decision that I ever made.

I am 23 years old (24 in 4 mths time), but for heaven sake please stop being obsess with my life! Go find other kids to be obsess with, will you?

Omg, I feel so wanna move out from this house, seriously. Its driving me fucking crazy.


nape nie dear...
tamao camni kay?
klu pape bgtau i..
luv u dear!