Life is much easier if we're still kids.

As my age turn to 23 these days, I came across to adult issues that pertaining commitments, love, life, money, sex?, etc. Its funny as I brain hv to grow along to make it synchronize with my age.

The same old question still lingers in my head: "How would you know he's THE ONE for you?"

I have asked the question once to Kak Fatin, a week after Farid blurted the news about her getting enggage and she said..."well... u just know" and left me in blank after that. The question is remain unanwered (or its already answered but I dont buy it).

I do

Few weeks ago I managed to participate in Kak Fatin's wedding to Mr.Mubarak. It was very nice, I was overwhelmed with how it went. Most probably it is because the first wedding that I attended as adult. Still, I feel like those were the days I used to follow Opah around to wedding ceremonies back in my younger days. It was fun! Despite the fact that my toes hurt due the new shoes (damn u new shoes!), the ceremony was lavish and beautiful. Kak Fatin looks gorgeous and how handsome Mr.Mubarak was. The whole day was blessed with happiness. Now the couple are on their way to produce progenies.

I dont

Living in the working life at the moment allow me to mingles with varieties traits of people, varieties of people means varieties of issues, varieties of issues means varieties of headache. Jennifer and Michael are happily married for 9 years now. They had been blessed with love and happiness, health and wealth. The turning point for the marriage when suddenly Michael starts having affair with Cheryl, a much younger woman. Very much for happy ending. The fairytales that they living in turns to a mighty nightmare. Jennifer felt betrayed, deceived. Michael treats her like a piece of doormat and only turn home to be feed or for sex. Now Jennifer is considering for a divorce.

I dont know

So... my bestfriend Ashley is getting engage in 2 weeks time. A vibration from my phone broke down the silent of my Monday morning where she texted me with "Lydia, I'd just found out Russel has a new affair". Why it didnt shocked me much, perhaps I heard about this thing way before the existance of telephone, thanks to Alexander Graham Bell. So, yesterday Ashley spills everything pertaining to Russel in my kitchen. He start seeing that girl when the day Ashley told Russel that she wanna a little time away. I was like "wtf? he seeing the girl 'that' soon?" and time has past like 2 months ago? The scenario is like, the man got into an arguement with the woman, the man go to the pub, and there he go... he scores a whore! Well, for the moment... since there's alot weird things happening between those two (have I told u Russel's mom and sister is not a big fan of Ashley?), Ashley is having a second thought of whether marrying Russel is the right thing.

So... how do u measure LOVE by the way? I am not prejudice on this matter... I am just blindly confuse.