I was happy to have the reunion meet up at The Gardens yesterday. Its like we grew, but not that much. Have I told u how I love reunions?

During my reunion party I received an sms from EX#2 wanted to mee up. So I agreed to have the short meet up... and guess what... he spill his heart out on wanting to take me seriously. Its felt like been pulled into the quick sand. To be honest, I have no feelings towards him. The feelings died when he misused me back then.

Dave been quite busy these days, I hv not seen him much but we do keep in touch from time to time. Or maybe twice a day. Somehow I felt pretty guilty on meeting up EX#2 last night and I have yet to tell Dave about the meet up. To my surprise, an sms from Dave this morning really give a smack on my head...

My relationship is not like the rain that POURS and GOES.
It's more like the AIR, sometimes keeping QUIET and sometimes making noise,
but it ALWAYS there around u.
Good morning my Love :)