I dont blog these days. Not because I dont have anything to babble about, good Lord I have a hell loads of things to yap on but all become an end when I come across to the normal significant habit of mine, MALAS.

This morning I had an appointment with Optimax. Oh... I forgot to tell you I had my eyes lasik-ed 24 days ago. It was the prime time to get a lasik since the last incident during my raya in kampong this year whereby my glasses snap on the raya morning which leads to almost one day of three quater blindness.

My opto said my eyes are very dry.

After my appointment with opto, I've decided to go to my grandmom's house and have lunch. Oh snap, it's just 9.30am... that Muslim Chinese restaurant not open at that hour! So I've decided to have breakky, in Shah Alam still. That will buy some time. After figuring out who will be my victim, so I thought... lets asked Ex#2 for breakky since he'd been smsing me last week to ajak lepak. Btw, Ex#2 is my 2nd ex bf - was my former schoolmate, was my former bestfriend's former bf, who cheated on me over my former roommate. It was a shitty 4 years for me over him, but maybe I am kind to let him be friends with me again this year.

Lepak in McD, bla bla bla.. catching up. And he said he missed me and he sorta hv an idea to get back together. I was like, wth? With all do respect, no. And judging from my quality, he's planning to send the rombongan meminang next year. ?!?!?!?!?!?!

Sorry babe, I have to reject you. Though I hv yet to found any candidate at the moment, but I rather not having the relationship with you... judging from the shitty experience I had with you previously. He confessed he done loads of stupid things previously, even I dont really like him he was having the idea of 'perhaps u can love me after the marriage? some ppl do that'. No.

So I sped to my grandmom's house, had a good day there lepak with my grandmom and playing with Baby Omar. Omg, he's a huge baby now... so mischievously adorable. With collides of anxiety from other issues in my life, later that evening I've decided to write Ex#2 an sms:

Dear *Ex#2*,
Sorry, I dont mean to reject you just now.
1. I realize u're not that serious.
2. I'm traumatize/phobia.
3. I dont feel secure.
4. I dont wanna end up hating you again.
Let your life stable first. If u really serious about this, who knows one day I might reconsider.
At that point, let your judgement base on your sanity, not your lust.

OMG! Kenapalah aku baik sangat?!