I woke up pretty early today, realizing i had sucha weird dream yesterday. Whats the deal between me and weird dreams? Hahha.. and hv u ever heard I called my dreams other than 'weird dreams' before?

Woke up early and I start to go to kitchen to chop some onions, chillies, mushroom, tomato, crack some eggs.. chop chop chop stir stir stir... and voila~! An omelet du fromage & fungi! What an ample breakfast to start a very good day.

After breakfast we get ready to go to Pavilion. The people there are not as much as other shopping complexes like Midvalley or One Utama or Pyramid... which is good because i wasnt in the mood to go into too cluttered space. My father was so in the mood for shopping and at the end of the day he's the one who shops alot! Me in the other hand have to reserve myself a bit due to my current economy crisis. Well, let just hope I could survive with RM200 for the next 3 weeks. Oh Lord~!

We had teppanyaki for lunch. Yumma~! As well known I'm allergic to bean sprout. Err... ok-ok, i confess. I'm not allergic to bean sprout, but I just hate it. The reason I'd been yapping on the allergic so other ppl cud cut the lecture part and just get on with their life and let me go with my own taugeh-less life. But I managed to taste a bit of the taugeh, its quite ok... but still got my goosebumps arise like a disease! But cut the taugeh crap, the teppanyaki was very nice. I enjoyed it very much. Babah was enjoy at first, but he did not enjoyed the paying part much. Hahah, what to do... thats a sweet lesson for him not to bet anymore. (he made a bet with my mom on Tennis Match 'Venus vs. Serena' and he lose)

Have u ever seen this much of taugeh to be cooked infront front of you before?!

My lunch

After lunch, got home and managed to squeeze some time for groceries shopping. =)

At 5pm I sped to The Curve to meet an old mate, Farah. My excitement level was on high and very much anticipated to meet her up after....5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13... 13 years of not seeing each other! OMG, time fly by like a speed of light. And it feels like yesterday when the last I spoke to her in 4 Intan twas upon a time. Having friendster and facebook as a medium of communication, I've never met any of my former SKTPians before in real life after I moved to Bukit Bandaraya. Thus to be frank, Farah is the SKTPian ever (besides Etty which coincidentally went to same high school, once upon a time coincidentally work at the same place and coincidentally lives in the same area now) I ever met so far. Farah is a good buddy and seriously nothing much change on her though it had been 13 years. She's still the same old bubbly as ever and her voice didnt seems to change at all. Hahahahhaha... omg, if she's a guy I have to bare with the husky vocal change... lucky for us woman, we dont have to go thru all that! Hahaha.

Accompanied by her sisters (so we had bunch of Farahs at the table.. haha) we've decided to have a meal at Ikea and talk and talk and talk and rendering the old moments. It feels so good to meet her back after all the years.

So... we were naughty to bring in outside beverage in the dining hall.

After meal I thought of joining the girls for another shot of Transformers 3 but the one seat next to the girls was taken, so I decided to depart from The Curve. And... I managed to lost my beloved digital camera. Funnily I wasnt so panic as I'm supposed too... I can still laugh when I found out my camera when missing from my bag. I have a strong feeling that I left my cam at Ikea's Dining Hall thus I marched myself to Ikea being que sera sera. And thank goodness, the camera was at the Information Counter. I have to say a high respect to the cleaner guy who found my camera as he was honest to pass my camera to the Information Counter, if other people found that camera.. who knows the camera will just gone like that. Highest respect ever, I love you Ikea! (yes, u can tell that I'm very happy alright.. the camera is like half of my soul owhkay!)

On my way to the parking lot, suddenly an idea just popped out of my head. Remembering Ashraf who had been messaging me for the whole afternoon, so I thought... its a good idea ask him out to have a little meet up before he get busy off to overseas end of this month and so on. So here we go extend our lepak at Kedai Kopi at 10pm. I can conclude, Ashraf is among the best buddy I have (besides Asna) so far in my former high school in Shah Alam. Its good to see he finally do what he love most now and I'm all happy for him. To me, sometimes a human being's achievement is not been measured by how much money he earned or how top he is at the moment. To work for something that brings self-satisfactory and happiness is consider an achievement to me. At least he's happy with his work though the degree he took didnt serves up his current job. Better than he feels like dragging himself to job every single day and being a single depress homosapien on a planet, where's the life to that? Its always a good time with Ashraf too. =)

Omg, Ashraf is all skinny now!

Have I told you I bought new perfume? Seriously I cannot resist Miss Dior Cherie L'eau. Just... have... to... grab... it...!!!!

Today had been an awesome day! =)


why u didnt put another pic of me n u??
i look better in dat picture...
i had so0ooo0ooo much fun~
thanx dear...
another date mayb???