I woke up that Saturday morning with a phone call from an anonymous number...

Me: Emm... hello?
Caller: Hello.. Lydia, Farid nie. Sorry my phone takde credit. Hey, apa nie anak dara bangun lambat?
Me: Urgh..!

So I jumped out of the bed, brushed my teeth and getting ready to follow my family for breakfast. Having nasi lemak at the stall nearby my house... a phone call once again broke my peace.

Caller: Hey Lydia... Farid nie, urm... u ada camcoder tak?
Me: La... apasal tak cakap awal-awal?
Caller: Nak mintak your favour to buy tape for my camcoder.
Me: Err.. owhkay.

After breakky, went back... showered, make up and off I go.... to Subang Parade. Reached there at 10am and nothing much stores open. So I decided to hv a quick wash and blow while waiting for the camera store to open.

10.50am... I sped from Subang to Sungai Besi on gear number 5.

Reached there 11-ish and made a scene since I crashed my car's front bumper to a root of a tree. After parked, I open the door and Farid ran to get the tape. Phew, I guess I came at the nick of time. Yeay!

I have to say the rombongan from pihak lelaki sooooooooo ramai and it was done quite traditionally and pretty lavish. At least I gotta see besides the modernity in Malay culture these days there are some who are still practice the old tradition, which I think what makes a certain ceremony more special and unique. I love it.

And Kak Fatin was dropped dead gorgeous! I always thought she's pretty but seriously, she's so gorgeous that day. If on engagement day she already this beautiful, can imagine how would she look like during the wedding ceremony?

The engagement ceremony were past gracefully without hiccups (I think). Admiring at the mini pelamin and also their 'grey/silver' theme. Very nice indeed. Seriously, I got the first glance on how would I expect my engagement ceremony will be like as being the eldest in the family. =.=" Which brings to so many butterflies in my tummy.

And I had tremendous amount of fun! Knowing Myra and Jojo on that day is like knowing them for my whole life. Who could predict 15 mins we knew each other we already cracking jokes like knowing each other for 15 years! Bunch of good people.
I had a good day yesterday. Hanging around with Farid's family and friends were so splendid. Proves that good company could provide good hospitality regardless where ever we are.

Congratz to Kak Fatin and Abg Mubarak!