I came out with a theory while I was chatting with Tida awhile ago.

Its pretty simple to differentiate between someone u keep in your heart and someone u keep in your mind:

Someone in heart: u can describe them in thousand of words without full stop or intermission.
Someone in mind: u have to brainstorm a little bit, the first thing that popped in your mind are the person's flaws.

Someone in heart: ... because u speak from your heart.
Someone in mind: ... because u have to think with the 10% of your approx 1.4 kilo brain.


wat u said is so true my dear

haha, thank you darling. Knew it it sounds pretty national. =)

xsangke u will write out dat theory..
go0d! go0d!

Haha.. harus! Untuk tatapan generasi masa depan.

Who knows it could be among famous quote nanti. Hahaha.