This post I dedicate to Farid... hahaha for his curiosity.

So... the other day I accidentally poured a boiling water onto my thumb and I was screaming like hell in the kitchen. After put my thumb in running water, I went to the living room and showed my mom and she said "haih, macam la tak biasa kena... suck it up". haha, thank you very much for your sympathy.

The next day to my surprise the thumb went bloated like a water balloon. Haha, and its squishy... like an external water balloon planted onto my thumb, what not to love? That night I've decided to poke with a sterilize needle because I thought the water balloon brings abit disturbing feelings to my peace. It soothe a little bit.

I woke up the next morning and the thumb bloated again. =.=" Haih... so I went to work as per usual. Later that day I had just came back from a wash room and decided to resume my work, which put me a lil bit on hold because I accidentally bump the thumb with my other hand and it burst flooding my table with the clear liquid. Owhkay, it was over exaggerated there... but it did burst, just minus the flood part. And the skin torn open revealing the flesh about half inch long. I ran to the wash room again to get a tissue, wash the wound and try to intact back my skin with my flesh. Good Lord the open wound was painful.

For the past 24 hour I'd been keeping this thumb dry, only once in awhile I wash with anticeptic. How ever as u can see, it is still swollen though. Just pray hard so this lil thumb will not get any infection.

I have an ugly thumb!



still icky.....

haha, now u know why i had been rambling about it for the past few days.

haiye lyd~~
w la u cucuk jari tu..
tapi xpe..
keep it clean..nnt die oke la..

p/s: best x lagu nobody tu???
suke sgt2!!
shall i dance like dat depan don??

Tida.. ta bley cucuk ek? Geram ar tengok kembung camtu.

Haha, lagu tu besh! Thats why i put in my profile pon. Very cheeky indeed, hahaha sure comel u dance mcm tu depan don. I shall ask don to video it so he can bring along on his next task. In the other hand... I akan post kat youtube! Hahahahah

tak bole cucuk laa~
nnt get infected baru tau..
makin truk jadinye..

erk! me in youtube??
huish...xle imagine..
betapa famosnye i nnt..
mnari xserupe mnari!!

I takut dia kembung camtu, takut ada potential untuk ada nanah. Euw.. tak pasal2 my thumb kena potong kang. Thumb-less~! At least it dried and i sempat kopek the outer layer coz dia dah keras and terkeluar2. Oooopss.. I guess I'm too detailed on that.

Haha. trust me, u'll not just be famous domestically.. entah2 don will promote ur youtube each of country that he stop.

"hello man, i see you have an internet there. do you want to see my gf's video?"

one second the stranger thought its gonna be a porno, another second... the stranger died fell down from his chair laughing hysterically. haha.