Over a week ago, I've attend one branch call from down south due to one customer. The branch officer is... err... lets call him Mr.G. During my conversation with him, its rather short but he seems pretty enthusiast talking with me (which I normally keep my conversation short with my clients or any branch officer).

So, few minutes after that I received a compliment memo from him. Decided to read and ignore because good Lords I have many else things to do that day. But later he complaint that I didnt reply, man... he's one kind.

Days after days I just replying his memos, only today I think he already cross the line. He called me thru my cell phone (which I did not pick up as was working that time). Many times I asked him where did he get my number, then he revealed he took it from the company database. He's sneaky old bastard. Pretty creepy ya know. Meaning by any branch could access to my database and to get my personal info? Where's the security on that?

It creeps me out the whole day somehow. So I decided to tell Dave that this particular guy stalking on me. He took it as a joke, alright. Dave got no problem understanding the fact that Mr.G is actually an Indian. He even laugh at it when I told him. But Dave seems to take things seriously when I told him that this Mr.G is 38 years old.

Dear God, may I know why OLD GUYS always attracted to me? And can I get other than Indian, Punjabi, and Pakistani kind of guy? And please ask this Mr.G to buzz off from my life, pretty please.


bcoz u're so0o sweet kot!

meaning by...

old man attracted to sweetness and young man attracted to beautiful/sexy thing?