Ok... I know, this is not a big thing. Yes, I know. But to me this is big!

Its been 5 years since the last time I heard from Maciek, my good friend from Poland. To be honest, I do not know what had happened to us. We just dont communicate. Have I did something wrong? Was he ignoring me? Though we've added each other in Facebook while ago... but we still didnt communicate. But I do communicate with his brother, Adam (who is so madly in love with his gf, Trish.. haha), from time to time. My friendship with Maciek were only in mute form, so silent without any slight sound.

Tonight, I do not know... somehow I caught Maciek online in Facebook. So, I thought.... why dont I say Hi. 5 years seems like 500 years, I am very pleased to chat with him again tonight. I missed those feelings of anticipation getting news from him, its funny. Those were the days when internet was pretty new a thing. We communicate like many many many times a day? I still have the letters that he wrote and those presents that he sent to me. And though we're basically halfway around the world, it felt like he's not that far away from me. (ok Lydia... u shall stop there)

Its good to know that he's in France now furthering his study. Its good to know he's back in his part time modelling job, only now in Paris. And it sucks to know he's not engaged anymore (even when he got engaged last Feb, he asked Adam to hush hush from me, which I do not know why). Oh well, all the best for him.

Yes Mak, I miss you too.