Ever since my split, I found out that I have a little bit more time for myself (and my family). I started to stay at home more and started a little bit extra more care on myself e.g my hair, my nails, my skin, my bowel activity?, my wardrobe etc. Life is little bit more focus these days.

I've been longing to update my shoes. One thing about me I am very particular about shoes, this is why it took me 1000 years to find a right shoes for myself. Bite me.

After many grueling months of shoes hunting, I finally sets myself to Pavillion today and good Lord, 4 hours was not enough! And of course the 4 hours was utilized not just for shoes hunting. Since was pretty light headed when I woke up earlier (thanx to 11 hours of sleeping) I decided get my hair wash and blow before my journey begins. (actually also to catch a glimpse of head massage... hmmm... oh my...~!) Nothing feels better than starting a mission, what ever mission there is, with a good hair!

And may I tell you, there are too many choices!-of shoes that is. As today is the 2nd day of the fasting month, I have to bare with all the shoes temptation (and perfumes!) and I have to say I'm pretty happy to bring home with these 2 shoes:

I am so over with court shoes and killer stillettos due to my back-ache. No more feet-killer shoes. Pumps/Mary Jane are way too comfortable!

I feel so HAPPY today!