For some few people who knows me, I have a passion for baking. But I barely shares that with people. Most of the time the people will only gets end product from me.

One of the reason I dont really like other people in my kitchen is because I like to be in control. I control the quantity, the speed of the mixer, the temperature of the oven.. etc. I will get annoyed if other people spill the things that I already measured. I get annoyed easily.

So the other day I was late for work because waiting for my muffin to be set in the oven. So my mom willingly to look after my muffin while I go to work. As the time goes by in the office, I was pretty much anxious about the out come of my Banana Pecan Muffin. Will it be undercook? Will it be tad dry? Will it be too sweet? Will it be too much liquid?

I have to say my mom is such a cool mother, besides willing to monitor the muffin... she also willingly to send the muffins to my office. Ain't she so sweet?

So as my mom called me when she arrived at my office, my heart feel such a glee as I excited to get my muffins. To my surprised my mom only brought half of the batch and when I open the container, some of the edge of those muffins are abit....


Haha, this is why I like to be in control in my kitchen. My mom is so hilarious-lah!

P.s: I took the picture with my compact camera the other day, but upon uploading the picture in here suddenly my memory card is having an error and have to reformat it. =.="