While I was looking for an idea for a post (I nearly to make a post on a Curry Puff ya know) - I ran into one of my good buddy in my Facebook. We were catching up on each other as I have not seen her in the office for quite some time now. Suddenly 'that' topic came out....

For the past few months I have been working out my very best for 'that' particular achievement which is very crucial to my career life. So crucial it is, until I stoped everything and cotemplatingly to strive.

The journey had been like a old express train ride, which sadly the ride had never even started. So... I missed the first train whereby it hit me hard and I start to work harder to catch the 2nd train. And there I go, I'm on probation (somehow this word seems to give a bad potrait on me)... I am at my bestest behaviour, no more hanky panky at work, I maintain my efficacy and if I need to kiss ass the higher level, I would kiss their frigging asses too.

There's an old Malay proverbs that says 'Pisang Tak Akan Berbuah Dua Kali' which carry a meaning things will never happen twice. To be such a noob, I hardly swallow the truth that I missed the 2nd train without knowing. What is this? Is this like such a joke?? Who the heck gives one time frame and at the same time let go 2-3 more train rides passing by in between? Is it fair for those who are really try to catch em' up but in the end just have to stoned and watch the speedy bullet train gazed off infront of him/her?

So a friend tried to calm my raging sulk... perhaps it is not my ride, yet. But you see, I am not Management study genius, but somehow aren't there will be an after effect of this so-called upgrading procedures that would affect those people who are still in probation such as yours truely? And to be depending solitarily on performances, arent there any other supporting aspects that can be a forte to ones achievement? Not to pin-point, but some of those train passangers slammed on late comings and inaccuracy facts?

I am not complaining over my seniority and perhaps not due for being a such a preppy princess over my adequacy. But I feel bothered when...

  • My hardwork still remain unnoticeable. I'm unwell but still I come to work to jaga my so-called repo. Might as well I take that stupid medical leave kan? Does it really matter now as they are only gonna look back at my little black book in like another 4 months time?

  • Why done another quick LRT train ride (and didnt allow in those who missed the 1st batch) if they are not done with those who missed the first train.

So.. here I am. Still watching as the trains passing by and realizing life could be such an ass.