This weekend had been officially labeled as the weekend where I ate the most this year (perhaps my whole life). As far as I concern, I never felt even a tiny-tini-hunger this weekend. At some point, I was too bloated.. I felt wanna puke!

Saturday (07/03/09)
I woke up that morning like some what zombie due to the cloudy day and my mom forced me to wake up because my sister got tuition this morning. Thus, we all have to go for kinda early breakky. Chose to eat nasi lemak at Ali's Corner nearby my house, among the nicest nasi lemak I ever had so far. Awesome!

I spared my tummy during lunch by eating mixed vege (my father's set meal side dishes) and a small bowl of soup. The tummy is meant to be spared for the dinner later that day.

Ah yes, the dinner that I'd been waiting for! Since this year I felt so lazy to get Zul, my former uni-classmate, a bday present (I usually have difficulties getting guys a bday present. If he's a girl, i might get her a very cute hair clips instead!) I've decided to treat him for a meal. And he'd been given choices of Teppanyaki or Japanese Buffet, since he kinda likes japanese food. Thus he chose japanese buffet. Around 8.30pm we met at Saisaki Japanese Restaurant is Wisma UOA, KL.

We only can get in about half an hour later because due to the full house. Weekend, what do you expect?

I had couple of sashimi and seafood carbonara in my first plate. Not the best combination but it surely scrumtious! Then I had teppanyaki but totaly forgot to photolog. =.="

The Chawanmushi is oh so yummay~!

Also I had a few more other rounds but it happened to be we were too busy stuffed ourselves, I forgot to photolog again.

Zul heading on sashimi, temaki and udon.

I love Green Tea Ice-Cream! Choc Swirl is nice too~

We left our table at 10.30pm looking like this.

I had too much that night, we went back with a combo of tummy discomfort and a little nausea. We ate like crazy! Hahah.

Ohya, and Zul gave me lollies as a token of appreciation. Aww... thanx bro!

Sunday (08/03/09)
I woke up in a zombie state again today. Mainly because twas still tired upon the day before. And yes, my mom forced me to wake up again since its almost 9am. Therefore I headed to shower and 15mins after that the family headed to Bangsar for breakfast. My father was in crave for banana-leaf chapatti at Nirwana Maju. Going with the flow, I just tagged around. And yet again, it was full house! But fret no more, the guy over there managed to open more tables.

We had vadai before our meals got served. Omg, it was freaking crunchy!

And I had Rawa Thosai this morning. It's been awhile since I last tasted a good Rawa Thosai. Two thumbs up!

My vain sister with her very vain roti telur.

A refreshing mango lassi in the morning... uuuh~!

After breakky we went back to Shah Alam, and I was out again to buy the groceries. I kinda rushed myself as I'm gonna meet May (my bestie) for lunch. Here I go again to Bangsar. Decided to fetch her (since I'm gonna past by her housing area) and headed to Bangsar Village at 2pm.

Uuuh.. sexay Ferrari~!

I never been to Bangsar Village before. And I been long time wanna tried Delicious since I heard many good response from my peers (and my mom!). So, we decided to checked out Delicious for lunch.

Luckily we got one final table that very minute. If we're late by few minutes we might need to wait for the next table to get lost. =p Oooh..! Felt like trying everything but the tummy and the cash aint that big to cater everything. Thus me and May decided to make today a sinful one.

Death by Iced Chocolate. Oh wow... sinful pleasure version 1.0!

Smoked Salmon Quiche, so addictive~!

Carbonara Spaghettini with Wild Mushroom, Beef Bacon, Oregano and Cream... yumma! Sinful pleasure version 2.0!

We stop before ordering the dessert. Yeah, it was a pretty heavy lunch I must say. So we decided to get our bumps out off the place and just sight-seeing Bangsar Village before heading for dessert. And.. thank you May-o for the fabulous lunch! (next outing is gonna be on my treat)

Spotted this very cute nail spa. Owned by Soong Ai Ling. =)

Sewel-ness after heavy lunch.

After spent 1.5 hours of window shopping, we extend our sinful pleasure at Starbucks plus more chit-chatty!

Choc eclair.. sinful pleasure version 3.0.

Banana choc chip muffin..! Sinful pleasure version 4.0!

May-o reluctant to have the last eclair as she's too full.

Can't imagine we actually wanted to form a rock band ala LP girl version back in highschool

Heading home

We get retarded after over dose on Chocs today.

I came home at 7pm with a very full tummy. Chilled at home for like half an hour and went out again since decided to accompany my parents for dinner. I only had mineral water with few sips of Mi Bandung Muar's gravy. I cant eat no more!

Daddy too focus on his dinner, and the Mi Bandung is actually his.

As a conclusion, I ate too much this weekend which leads to much hunger for next one week. And... delicious is officially in my list of my fave place. =)

Monday (09/03/09)
I thought my gastrointestinal journey will end there. But I was wrong, this morning my mom asked me to get some stuff at IKEA. Hurm.. IKEA... having lunch at IKEA is consider mandatory! And yeah, my sister 'ketuk' me 'cukup-cukup' today!

We had Beef Balls, BBQ Chic Wings, Gravad Lax (smoked salmon) and some buttercake sugar glaze dessert.

nom-nom Gravad Lax~!

I'm so gonna have only baked fish tonight for dinner. That's it! My gastro journey ends here this week.