Working for 2 months now, nothing had been so easy for me. Especially when my sciences background meets my current banking job. Its out of the world. But anyhow I'm trying my best to adapt with the new rhythm in my life.

I have to say, the supervisors might be quite 'kerek' at a time. Some are ok. Somehow I have to bare with the kerekness of these few numbers. Thats how working life works, I suppose.

And I realize, knowing someone who at a certain level of organization might affect other people's perception/reaction towards you. For example, one of the 'kerek' supervisor enquire me on my father's job. Well, I told her that he's working in HQ. At first she had a sceptic look at me, then i told her bout the incident that occured almost 3 years ago. She had a disbelieve in her face, and she asked what's my father's position in HQ... perhaps she thought my father is just a normal officer. My answer was short... but enough to make her choke.

And today, I realized she'd been so obvious nice to me. No more shouting, when ever I need an assistant on something she would guide me with TLC. Hahhaha... damn blardy office politics~!

=Trust me, I would never misused my family background.=

p.s: I wonder, the other 'kerek' supervisors... especially the one who had 'maki' me infront hundreds of people the other day... if they get the same info like the former 'kerek' supervisor, they'll be sorry for treating me like shit. =)